A Glass nail file is Eco friendly product

While paper nail files made from wood, plastic nail files pollute, metal nail files using our planet’s resources, glass nail files are made from renewable resource. But the most important thing, is that one glass nail file will be enough for all your life, because it has life-long guarantee for its abrasive surface. Well, there are a few reasons when you have to buy an extra glass nail file, like if you are collecting them or accidentally had broke one.

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One thought on “A Glass nail file is Eco friendly product

  1. I’ve read several posts in your blog now and just wanted to point out that I really like the way you manage to word and explain everything, it makes it easy to read. I should also say that I absolutely agree with everything you have said here, these type of things are vitally important to the planet and the quicker all of us realize the better we will be off in general.

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