7 winter nail care rules

Who doesn’t want to have healthy and beautiful nails? Our nails require constant nourishing, especially during the winter. Because winter is a season of lacking vitamins, freezing temperatures and cold winds and this is the time when you have to take care of your body in intense regimen, spoil it with vitamins and spa treatments.

Cold weather could easily ruin the beauty of your hands and nails. First signs of cold are: dry hand skin, brittle nails. Therefore to keep your nails in good shape during the winter you should visit manicure salon often and do such procedures as wax therapy and hand massages.

Also there are some several precautions you should keep during the winter.

1.    Do not grow your nails during the winter, because insufficient amount of vitamins will cause brittleness.  Keep them as short as possible, well, and keep them clean.
2.    Right nourishing. Every evening you should do a nail bath with olive oil. Couple times a week apply moisturizing oils onto nail plate. And you can use pilling to remove dead cells from your fingers.
3.    Don’t go outside right immediately after manicure, hands are still way too moisture and you can end up having chapped hands.
4.    Gloves and mittens are not a fashion accessory; we wear them because they keep our hand warm and protect our hands and nails from chapping, drying.

5.    If you don’t want cold and wind to cause burrs, regularly apply onto skin around nails a nourishing cream.
6.    Make sure you nutrition is right for the season.  Eat more greens, fresh fruits and vegetables; also you can add some vitamin complex into your ration.
7.    Move. Exercise. Go to the gym. Physical activity promote better metabolism and increase your immune system, which will sure affect your nails’ condition in a positive way.

As for your all season nail care tools I strongly recommend to use quality glass nail files and other high quality manicure tools.

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5 thoughts on “7 winter nail care rules

  1. These can be applied to man also, as an example: I always tell my boyfriend about these basical treatments, but he ignores, as a result-annoying burrs etc:( Can someone tell him to finally start doing something to his fingers/nails?!!:(

      • Then he will allow me to make him basic manicure, but it happens once in a year….I need something more motivational:)

    • Some man think they shouldn’t care about nails, they forgot it can be dangerous to have your nails left with attention

    • Tell your boyfriend that man with ugly nails usually get less paychecks and worse opportunities. Unless he work with his hands, he better take care of them

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