5 Questions about Nails

Why do nails grow slowly?

There are a lot of reasons, one of which could be bad nutrition of the nail base.  Because nail mainly consists of keratin try to use keratin based nail coats or any other nail care products.

Why do I have peeling nails?

Again there are several reasons, one of which could be use of nail polishes with acetone or use of metal nail file.  Avoid nail lacquers with acetone and get yourself a glass nail file with smooth surface.

Is it true that nails can tell about our health condition?

Yes, for example nail color can point to particular body system that failing.  I have one entry dedicated to detailed information about connection between nail condition and health.

Why even the most expensive hand cream can’t help to reduce feeling of dry hand skin?

As well as the rest of our skin, hand skin has pores and eventually they get blocked.  Don’t forget to use gentle peelings or scrubs from time to time to remove old cells and open clogged pores so the cream could actually nourish and moisturize your skin.

Why you have to avoid using metal nail files?

Using such nail file leads to different sort of traumas or even to damage whole nail plate.  Imperceptible crackle fills with air and white spot appears. If you don’t take measures tiny spot will grow into big spot making your nail fragile and brittle. So, do you yourself a favor buy glass nail file.

I was thinking if you have any questions you were wondering about; let’s see if we can find answers.

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    • Nail polish bubbling is still main issue for many of us as well as nail peeling. Unfortunately.

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