5 great products to consider for arts & crafts shows

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Clear and Colored Glass Nail Files

When your fingernails need filing these Clear and Colored Glass Nail Files by Mont Bleu Design will do the job. They are a handy item to sell at arts and craft shows, gift shops, and retails stores. They are transparent and come in a variety of styles and colors. These nails files are easy to carry with you to work, the beach, or classes. The glass nail files come with the cases and velvet pouches.

These nail files are made with Czech tempered glass and last forever. Men and women will appreciate the stylish look of these Clear and Colored Glass Nail files. They can use the on their toe nails when wearing sandals or going swimming. A great addition to add to your product line all year long. Want them? Contact us.

Glass Foot Files

Scraper glass foot files

Scraper glass foot files

Glass foot files by Mont Bleu Design will sell quickly at outdoor arts and crafts shows during the warm months. These handy Glass Foot Files are used to remove calluses from your feet and smooth those rough jagged spots on the heel. It is used primarily for calluses on the heels and bottom of the foot. They are about 5 inches long and made of Czech tempered glass. This glass is durable and made to last.

They glass foot files come in hard plastic cases. It is easy to carry them with you to the gym, work, school or beach. They smooth the skin safely so that you can walk in comfort. A big hit in the warm weather for the beach. This is a handy tool to use instead of pumice stones and emery boards. They can be carried to the gym or health spa too. Want them? Contact us.

Hand Painted Glass Nail Files

Hand painted glass nail files

Hand painted glass nail files

Looking for a nail files with decorative designs? These hand painted glass nail files by Mont Bleu Design will do the trick. This is definitely an attractive useful item that will sell well at an outdoor or indoor arts and craft shows any time of year. These durable glass nail files have pictures of animals, flowers, plants and intricate designs.

There are mosaic and African designs on some of these glass nail files. They come in velvet sleeves so they are easy to carry around. Customers will love these decorative nail files to give as a gift. Nail files are handy to smooth out jagged nails on the hands and feet. These nail files are made of hard glass so they last a long time. Want them? Contact us.

Swarovski Crystal Pill Holders

These decorative Swarovski Pill holders will be a popular item with anyone that takes medication or vitamins. The decorative design of each pill box will thrill your customers. They come in various designs using these hard decorative crystals. The boxes are easy to open and close with three compartments for different pills. The pill holders are easy to carry in your purse or pocket.

A great item to sell at an arts and crafts show because men and women of all ages take pills. The market for a pill box is young, middle aged, and seniors. The decorative designs of the pill boxes called, chess, cards, sky, and waterfall will thrill your customers. Gift shops and stores will find this product in demand by young and old. Want them? Contact us.

Luxury Pocket Mirrors

Luxury Pocket Mirrors by Mont Bleu Design decorated with Swarovski crystals are a great item for gift stores, craft shows, and outdoor flea markets. They come decorated with a variety of different colored crystals placed in decorative patterns. Some of the designs are the sun, flowers, stars, coral, and butterflies. Women will love the decorative design and how easy they are to carry in a purse or their pockets.

The Luxury Pocket mirrors are made of metal or plastic and come in decorative boxes. They make a great gift for friends or family anytime of years. Want them? Contact us.

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