5 Best Hand Care Treatments

Legendary Ray Charles, when he lost his vision learned to tell the age of the women touching her hands, and never missed. After all, soft skin shows youth, smooth skin tells about good care, and beautiful nail shape testifies a good sense of style. Well, end of the summer is ideal time to choose an ideal hand cream.

Hand work
Understandable that sometimes we don’t have time to treat our hand properly. During the holidays and beach party season we care twice harder about face, hair color, hairdo, smooth feet skin and strenuously take cellulite prevention methods. While hands get the rare doses of cream and even rarer mask during manicure. Actually hands do require proper care.

Hands are almost without any oil-bags, thus hands unlike face and body do not get moisture from “natural cream” and barely protected with lipid coating. Further more epidermis of hands has a really small amount of water in it (five times less, than face skin!), therefore hand skin is dehydrated most of time. Well, and we know that dehydration is our main enemy, because it leads to early aging.

Hands have plenty of enemies: for example, our beloved sun. Bronze tan looks good on our bodies, but our hand skin becomes dry and covered with pigments. Solution? Apply sun protection more often on hands, than on body.

In good hands

“Liquid gloves” also known as hand creams and masks. Beauty treatments not only protect and care about our skin, but also play a good aesthetic role: lifting and whitening skin, make it glow and fresh looking.
There are some quite new and effective treatments that beauty industry offered us this year.

Advanced Essential Energy Hand Nourishing Cream by Shiseido

If you are one of those who first smells things, and only after tests- this cream is totally for you. The exhilarating scent is beyond any explanations (you have to admit most of the hand creams smell way to chic). Smooth texture does its job from the very first minute;  skin becomes softer and cuticle looks treated, like after manicure.

Babor Spa Mediterranee Hands Hand Mask Super Rich

After spring-cleaning or long pool relay hands look terribly awful. Damaged and dry, it requires special treatments; common cream won’t help, there is a need of radical measures. Damaged skin needs not only moisturizing but also ultra nourishing care. This mask is an extra rich mask designed for intensive treatment of extremely stressed, dry skin on the hands. Mask immediately removes discomfort and tightness feeling, like you spend couple hours in manicure salon.

Sensai Cellular Performance Intensive Hand Treatment SPF-8

Japanese cosmetics most of the time size up all the expectations. In case of this cream, it removes dryness and heals small wounds, like scratches form cats. And as Sensai lab experts claim- pigment spots become invisible. As for me, I tend to believe them.

Hand Cream Capture Totale SPF 15 by Dior

Joking apart- this rejuvenating cream has serious formula: Alpha-Longoza corrects twenty biological functions which are guilty in skin ageing process; Centuline supports cells activity. On the other words it eliminates ageing signs. Bold claim! But as a result skin actually becomes softer and more elastic, skin color becomes even.
As they say, Sharon Stone never leaves her Capture Totale tube; I assume she knows the deal.

Crème jeunesse des Mains by Clarins

Cream consists of most popular moisturizer- Shea butter. It has most outstanding nourishing features among probably all discovered natural oils; it even protects skin after hour of applying. Aside from wonderful nourishing effects, it also cares about skin youth- essential sesame oil neutralizes free radicals affection that leads to ageing. And it also has nice powder aroma with calming effect.

Massage practice.

If you want to achieve better effect than moisturizing and nourishing, try to combine cream applying with massages moves. You will enhance blood circulation, which will improve skin tone and vitalizing process of skin cells. Hand massage reduces muscle tension; our hand also can be tired by the end of the day.

And there is a one good advice from spa specialists: if you mix body lotion and mist usual scrub, mixture will do as a good hommage for hands. Hand made piling does its job very careful, but at the same time effectively removes old cell giving hands softness and freshness.

Last advice from me: don’t forget to use other hand and nail care tools that Mont Bleu offers you.

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