365 Days Nail Art Challenge

There so many fellow bloggers who is truly addicted to nail art and everything in between manicure and nail polish. I admire those women who have time and guts to accept that I would say insanely hard challenge.  So, what’s it about?

As you already know I’m not big fan of nail art or everyday nail polishing, probably I’m like most of you try to keep my nails neat using simple manicure tools and clean nail lacquer. Surely from time to time I spend more time trying to fix my nails with orange sticks or glass nail file and applying some bold color, though it happens so rare.

But enough about me…so 365 days of nail art challenge. The whole thing is to have different type of nail art. As far as I understand Melissa Osburn was pioneer of this you may say obsession (in a good way), she already completed her plan providing us a whole bunch of new nail art ideas, which in my opinion is for good.

“The Challenge.
Due to my recent overspending on nail polishes (I’ve purchased over 50 in less than 2 months), I’ve decided that if I buy them, I must use them. Therefore, I’ve developed a challenge for myself….
A new nail polish color and/or design EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, you read correctly. 365 NEW designs, combinations, colors in a year.
Every day I’ll post a picture of my nails and list the polishes and items used to create that look.
Sounds easy enough, right? Here we go…”

That’s what Melissa posted on her blog The Daily Nail on 30 of September in 2009.

And it really went whole year, each day new and fascinating designs and colors. I assume that post inspired many bloggers to start their own challenges some last for 100 days some 30, but the entire concept still fascinates me.

I might think that I’m going to start my own, well I won’t due to several reasons. First one is lack of time, second I don’t have so many nail polishes (and I won’t buy entire OPI summer collection), and the last but not the least reason I’m lazy, way too lazy to do my nails every day.

And what about you, what do you say? Can you do it at least for seven days?

P.S.  I might try marble nails technique tonight, if so I will share some pictures.

photo source: nail-art-101.com


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