Unsual gifts for unusuals

Hello everyone,

It’s Wednesday and I’m going to ramble about gifts.  Gift- it’s one of the way of expressing your feelings, showing your friends, relatives how much you care about them.  Well, close ones also could be animals. You can love your pet as much as you love your cousin or even more. That’s why some of celebrities don’t miss a chance to spoil their pets.

Paris Hilton has 17 Chihuahua dogs, so it’s not surprising that they have their own house.
Glamorous dog house costs 325000 US dollars and looks like small copy of Paris’s villa. The kennel has bedroom, living room, walk-in closet, balconies and playground.

Mariah Carey also loves her dog, and when its emotional health is not the last of her concerns. However after becoming mom herself, she couldn’t spend as much time with him as she did before, well eventually became depressed.  Loving owner bought her dog a psychotherapy course. Why not?

If you think kennel that worth a fortune or individual psycho therapy is not enough, you may want to give something more valuable, like Riwin Jirapolsek did.  Jewelry designer created diamond tiara for his dog, $4.2 million jewelry will be appreciated by the dog. No doubt.

Feelings can be expressed in different ways, some buy things to their pets, some just look for an ideal gift for their close ones.

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