Now you can have name card cases and elegant accessory in one piece

A visiting card, also known as a calling card, is a small paper card with one’s name printed on it. They first appeared in China in the 15th century, and in Europe in the 17th century. The footmen of aristocrats and of royalty would deliver these first European visiting cards to the servants of their prospective hosts solemnly introducing the arrival of their owners.

Today, we all know it as a business or name card. It is so common and so various, starting from classic white ones with names and contacts on it, following with high-tech or designer created outstanding name cards.

However, despite the type of name card you own, you need a case or holder for it. You don’t want to spend your time wondering if you have enough of them, or if they clean enough to be given, you don’t have to waste your and someone else’s time to find a name card inside your bag/purse.

I think it is much more professional to get it out of elegant case rather then your pocket. Especially for women, you don’t have many pockets on your outfit, so having a name card case is necessity.

Mont Bleu offers you elegant and sophisticated, yet light name card cases decorated with Swarovski crystals.

decorated with swarovski crystals

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