Another product Monday

You probably noticed that I missed usual post on Friday, it’s because of exhibition.  We went to see (this year we aren’t exhibiting) exhibition called Tendence which was held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I’m not going to talk about exhibition itself; you can find related information on the web, although I want to tell you about one strange tendency I’ve noticed there.

You would imply that exhibitors try to show their best products, because main goal of the vent to create new business contacts, to get new customers and maybe go viral.  And yet, we saw items with questionable quality; bag hangers draw my attention immediately as I say them.

Honestly, it felt like personal insult, because our company offers to our customer only the best quality and well designed items. Like this bag hanger below.

Purse hanger that can lift up to 20lbs/10kg, with eye catching crystals and made from high-quality metal, so what is I trying to say? People treat yourself with respect, buy things you deserve.

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