8 must-eat foods for healthy hair and skin.

We are what we eat.  Sometimes even before getting a salon treatment, think of your ration. But vegetables, fruits and spices should be presented not only in your menu, but also in your beauty regimen.  Make your body a favor: include these 8 products into your shopping list and don’t forget to visit beauty counters to get some creams, masks and shampoos with these ingredients.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple has a lot of fiber and few calories. Also you can find quercetin in it, which fights free radicals and helps to even skin ton. Rinse your hair with apple vinegar: it will bring back shine.

Brown rice

Nutritionists recommend this grain crop for its Vitamin E and fiber, when beauticians like it for moisturizing qualities.  Scrubs based in brown rice effectively remove dead cells, without changing oil balance.  This rice also contains silica – base material for hair and nails.


We love this root for its remarkable taste.  And the cosmetic companies suggest putting our attention onto its moisturizing and antibacterial features.  Researches proved- ginger helps blood circulation. Good blood flowing allows to keep moisture and prevents early aging.


Flavorful herb that helps dull food become a high-end fusion dish, well it can help to change you too. Rosemary can reduce all the blemish and redness; it’s often one of the ingredients in smoothing creams.  In hair care products rosemary protects us from UV light, keeping our hairdo fresh all day.


It’s not just a colorful side dish, it also has a lot of zinc and vitamin C.  That’s exactly what your immune system needs. Thanks to beetroot a lot of scrubs have smoothing and calming effect. Some of the lipsticks in green and vegan lines have their aromas and shine because of beetroot.

Acai berry

This small rough Brazilian berry is a ultimate weapon in fight with cancer; it’s full of antioxidants.  Some call it “rejuvenating berry”, because it practically helps to fight wrinkles increasing collagen and elastin content.
You can find acai extracts in some of lipsticks, it will prevent your lips from aging. Also this berry and its antioxidant  protects hair color and from sun damage.


Apparently this healthy and full of proteins and calcium part of our breakfast is good not only for our stomach, but also for skin. Yogurt is based on lactic acid, and as we know this helps to remove dead skin and increases collagen, which in its turn protects from early aging. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin and you can’t use harsh scrubs and more aggressive acid, here you are use the yogurt.


Smell of this nut reminds you of Pina Colada and sunny beach, but hold on, not only nostalgic memories can bring coconut. Various soaps, face cleansers, shampoos include soft foaming ingredients based on coconut, instead of SLS (oh, we don’t like it). And I don’t have to mention incredible moisturizing qualities of this wonderful nut.

You can easily find almost all of these products in ordinary grocery and there are a lot of cosmetic brands offering less chemical skin and hair care products. But if you can’t find say Acai berry simply replace it with Blueberry (basically it has same features).

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  1. Lovely informative blog for hair care. I was just aware of fact that applying eggs, heena and oil are good for hair. But these blog has added more knowledge in my mind regarding hair care.

    Juan from Store Hours

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