Wishlist. Is it necessary?

It’s Wednesday again and my second attempt to post something fun and interesting and don’t worry at the end of the entry you will get FOTD (in case you would like to skip my rambles).  So the wishlist.

I’m subscribed to several blogs and some of them do have wishlist some don’t.  I should clarify, that I’m talking about beauty bloggers, about those who has separate page on their blog’s with listed items. You know what’s bothering me? Why? Why do you have to have a wishlist? Can anyone explain me that?

I know some bloggers stay in close touch with readers and follower, but I don’t think they expect presents, no? It’s not even extended family members who is coming to your wedding and you have to provide some gift guide.

Or is it something that companies should search for when looking for new marketing options? Say, there is certain girl addicted to make up and she is desperate about getting last collection of lipstick (but she can’t whatever reasons there are) and voila company sends her samples or maybe full version of products. At end everyone is happy; girl got her presents, company got their feedback.

Well while I’m wondering and trying to get the purpose of online wish-lists, I will add one item to my future “want this list”.

Yep, the compact mirror; beautiful accessory that I have in my purse, but not as pretty as those ones above.  Do you like them too?

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