Product Monday

Let’s talk makeup.  I have several entries about makeup in general, about makeup in details, makeup tools in general and today I want to talk about specific one.  The one we have in our online shop.

Powder brush made by one of famous producer of high-quality cosmetic tools- Da Vinci. We’ve been working with this German brand for a long time, you know we prefer only the best from the market, as well as you are friends.

So da Vinci Classic 9514 powder brush is made out of brown mountain goat hair. The brush head is about an inch and a half or so long. It has a oval brush head with densely packed bristles. Brown mountain goat hair head is luxuriously full and dense and yet provides needed elasticity allowing smooth and flawless application of loose and compact powder.

And don’t forget about Swarovski crystals that so naturally complement short handle of the brush.  If you are looking for high-quality powder makeup brush, it a total hit and don’t miss it.

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