How to make a gift or How to gift a gift in a proper way? (part 2)

Continuing the series about gifts, today I want talk about Do and Don’t concerning gift etiquette.  There some several rules that you want to follow, if you want to be known as well behaved and educated person. Let’s not ignore that first impressions are the most lasting.

I would not recommend you to gift this to women

For, example it is not a good choice of woman if she decided to present a tie, it is really rare to match the taste of any person. As well as man could never guess right lipstick color. Actually it is better to avoid cosmetic as gifts, and do so if man surely knows which perfume his lady uses. But, the cosmetic accessories is a way out, say for example beautiful compact mirror.

Avoid gifting animals, even the cutest ones if you did not discuss it with the hero of the day in advance. It’s always a good idea to get a painting, reproduction as a present, if you are not familiar with tastes of a person. It is fine if after such present you will never visit house, so person with a clear conscience, could leave it somewhere in the attic, but what if you are frequent guest, so thoroughbred will have to put your present on the wall, even he does not like it.

“Original gifts”

Unusual presents, like tin lamp, most commonly spent its days on the attic, if you want to present such this as fair gypsum figurine, make sure that person is a collector has at least slight interest in such things. In any other cases, such gift will only be unwanted baggage.

Don’t present items that you couldn’t find a use at your own, even if it is new, well, if you could not find a use for it, who said that your friend will. Only antic furniture or jewelry is good as used gifts. Bag or umbrella being used already, better to simple gift to your friend or relative without any excuse. For birthday or any other occasion new is always best choice even it is modest gift.

Can you gift money?

Of course, such present will always be useful, though this practicality makes it less charming. Yet, it is very common to practice such gift ideas.
If you are willing to buy a book, and you want to right a compliment on it, do it if the reason is good enough. You can include compliment slip inside the book, or you can write something of course not on the page with title, but on the left empty one.

Say you know each other for a long time or if you are best friends, sometimes it is better to discuss the present, especially if you are going to get something useful. But, always do it as s proposal, for example if you friend would like to get tablecloth or coffee machine, well if she want a blouse, get her a blouse. Young men, always has to keep in mind about level of intimacy of the gifts, especially if your beloved one lives with family. Even useful underwear set, could be taken in the bad part.

Meanwhile, you are choosing between intimate and useful, Mont Bleu offers you appropriate, original gift ideas.

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5 thoughts on “How to make a gift or How to gift a gift in a proper way? (part 2)

  1. Hate to present the money, and hate to get money as a gift. That’s the last option for a gift, IMHO.

  2. Thomas, I would say that I like to get a money as a gift, and to gift them as well, it’s very helpful when you don’t know what to present, especially at weddings, when there are a lot of gifters and to get two same purpose gifts is always a little disappointing, while you can buy yourself what you want. I know many people try to exchange a gift they don’t like, so why not giving money from the begging or gift checks, most of the shops have them (it’s actually the same), but in this case the person can buy a gift only from that place.

  3. Only “without-imagination” non-creative people can let themselves to present money to each other, that’s the worst. And that’s the easiest: give a money as a gift-no problem. If you absolutely don’t care about the presented person, you can just give money, and that’s it.

  4. Thomas you are right, money are a gift aspirin, which people can use when they don’t know or don’t want to choose a gift. However imagination has nothing to do with it. Some people don’t like to shop at all, or don’t know a person so well, you can of course give something like a towel or a frame (or anything as mass gifted), which can also be considered “without-imagination” according to you, because it’s easy to choose and has nothing to do with a person’s personality. For people who are not very confident at what they choose, money can bring some relief in terms of a gift.

  5. I think, as far present was given from the bottom of the heart, doesn’t matter whether it is a money or chotchkie…

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