How to look younger: 10 beauty advices

Some of the major beauty gurus shared some useful advices you can use, so your friends will spent time guessing how did you do it.
Be careful with hair coloring.Pick up your hair color wisely, try to avoid radical changes. Famous New York stylist Louis Licari advices:

If you bleach hair too much it will lose golden shades due to which hair does look younger and healthier. Too dark hair also looks unnatural.

Though, I should say we all knew these basic rules of no overdoing, aren’t we?

Use concealer.Concealer makes magic.  Apply light amount of it into inner and outside corners of the eyes, and the areas under your nose and lip corners- voila, your face looks much better. New York makeup artist Mally Roncal says:
People might wonder if you had plastic surgery.

Oh, I wish that would be the issue on some celebrity faces 🙂

Find perfect jeans.Unfortunately, gravitation has its impacts on some of our body parts, most of the time not very nice influence.  To lift or push them up, the creative director of J Brans Susie Crippen recommends to carefully read what is say on the label before purchasing any pair of jeans:

Make sure it has at least 2% of elastic materials, like lycra. Pants than have more then 98% of cotton will do nothing for your lower body.

Use shining serum. Years of blow drying, curling, ironing are for our hair looking dull. For repairing you can use shining serum that soothes hair. For everyday shiny you can use light serum.

Find the perfect bra.
Use the help of professionals to get ideal one.  Recent studies had proven that 85% of women don’t know they bra size. New York based stylist Annabel Tollman says:
Good bra should push up your breasts creating effect of longer and thinner waist line. This will help you look younger.

Don’t forget about lips.
While aging lips tend to lose volume a little and dark matte lipstick will only emphasize this.  It is better use lip glosses in light pinky shades, which will make your lips look fuller, younger and smooth.

Your eyes tell everything.
To correct slightly sagged eyelid, make up artist Paula Dorf recommends to use some tricks of  applying eyeliner and eye shadows.  Use the lighter eye shadows near your lash line and above the lid darker ones. Dorf explains: Light colors make the lower lid more visible and darker color hides the swelling.
Thus you get more wide and young looking look 🙂

Forget about pressed powder, use foundation.
If you use dry makeup, skin looks thinner and mature.  Once you age, skin produces lees oil therefore you should use moisturizing foundation.  Use something with light texture, creamy blushes and bronzers. Don’t forget to use loose powder.  Highlight your cheek bones, and you get the right lightning for your makeup.

Cheek again.Plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu says: we do lose our cheek once we grow older. But, you can trick Mother Nature. You may have cheek implants that create fuller cheek line.  Of course, if you don’t want to use such radical methods, jus apply pinky blush and that would be more than enough.

Look for unusual combinations.
Stylist Annabel Tollman recommends:  always add something unusual to your look, for example casual hairdo, jacket or flats to your fancy dress. It will make you look fresh and younger.

But remember, you are as old as you feel.  In pursuit of beauty and eternal youth, let’s not forget about things that really matter.

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