Need a gift for someone special? Check Mont Bleu for a variety of options.


Gift for employees

Looking for a gift for someone special? Have a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or any other event coming up?

At Mont Bleu we have specialized in the manufacturing of durable glass nail files as well as many other Bijoux and beauty products.  All of our products are decorated with Swarovski elements.

On our e-shop, you can find three-piece gift packages containing a glass nail file, tweezer, and a compact mirror. In addition to our packages, we produce personalized items such as nail files, name card cases, key rings, bag hangers, and pill boxes. Still, can’t find what you want? Browse our vast selection of other nail files and beauty tools as we have something for everyone.

Mont Bleu delivers its products all over the world, which is why clients from the USA, Canada, the EU, and Asia are buying our products with great pleasure.

Our company offers only the highest quality of production approved and certified by the Czech Republic and the EU. Our glass nail files were tested and approved by the Czech Institute of health.

Top 10 Ways to Achieve Great Skin Health (That Really Work!)

The following article is a guest submission provided by lovely M.

So, summer is over and you have no vacation to dream about, well not until this time next year right? Have you come back sun kissed, full of freckles and already starting to peel? Or is your skin suffering because you were out every night drinking crazy amounts of sangria and eating junk food until you threw up? Whatever the problem, I’m sure I can help you if you just read the following simple steps.
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