5 Effortless Retail Products for SPA and Salons to Get More Revenue

1. Glass nail files with SPA or Salon Brand

Glass nail files for salons and SPA

Glass nail files for salons and SPA

A great product, matching high quality, stylish design, handiness and promotion. This unique nail file made of Czech bohemian glass with your business logo and is meant for businesses looking for private label retail product.

Why it is a good retail product?

  • Good margin. You can get from 200% p to 500%, or more. It depends on how many you want to buy, which means bigger quantity equals better wholesale price. And how well known is your brand, multi national chain can markup them at higher price, having a strong brand on their side.
  • Easy to sell. Mont Bleu glass nail files are attractive and they are made to last a lifetime. Your customer will love them, and will recommend them to family and friends.
  • Easy to display. They are small, and with good display can fit in any place.
  • Advertising. Spa, nail, hair and beauty salons can benefit from it as their clients would probably carry their files around.

Anything else you should know about them?

The logo can be applied through sandblasting or printing. Both ways are a good to show your brand, it’s up to your preferences and what type of logo you have. Swarovski crystals can be added to give a luxurious touch to your brand. Glass nail files with your brand are available in different sizes and colors, making it possible for your business to get them done tailor-made to your needs.

Where to get them? Contact us, we make them 🙂 Send us your logo and get a sample made for free!

2. Luxury glass nail files

Crystal nail files with Swarovski crystals

Crystal nail files with Swarovski crystals

Elegant and classy, these glass nail files are decorated with Swarovski crystals and are presented in black velvet sleeves.

Why it is a good retail product?

  • Good margin. You can get from 400% p to 500%, or more.
  • Princess effect. Whenever women take Mont Bleu glass nail files in their hands they will feel like a princess. All sparkly and colorful, these glass nail files look gorgeous.
  • Easy to display. Same as with branded nail files, they are small, and with good display can fit in any place.
  • Assortment. Every women will find something for her, whether it’s a classic black and white, or fancy yellow and green. They are available in different colors, sizes and crystal combinations, making it easier to offer different files in just one price bracket.
Where to get them? Contact us, we make them 🙂

3. Manicure sets

Manicure set with glass nail file

Manicure set with glass nail file

Everyday classic you might say, available everywhere. But combine quality, affordable price and add a unique product to the set and you got yourself a hot selling retail product.

Why it is a good retail product?

  • Good margin. You can get from 200% p to 300%.
  • Quality. Stainless scissors from Solingen and Mont Bleu glass nail file will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Assortment. Manicure sets are available in several colors, adding different nail files we can make great assortment for your salon.
Where to get them? Contact us, we make them 🙂

4. Glass foot files

Scraper glass foot files

Scraper glass foot files

Mont Bleu’s glass file line includes the Scraper, often called as SPA bar, glass foot file, or even callus remover. What it does is removes hard skin from the feet.
A very practical item, with a strong structure, perfect to be carried in a travelling bag: this product is suitable not only for beauty and fashion businesses.
This item is bigger and stronger than the original glass nail file and it is available in different colors but only one size. The file is tightly griped by the case and this makes it easier to use the scraper on hard skin.

Why it is a good retail product?

  • Good price. It’s retailed at around 18-20$, giving you a good margin per each unit.
  • Quality. These are built to last, and they have two different sides, one for work, one for smooth touches.
  • Feedback. Your customer will love them and will be back for more for their family and friends.
Where to get them? Contact us, we make them 🙂

5. Hair brushes

Hair brushes

Hair brushes

Hair brushes with pure naturally selected boar bristles and rounded poly-amide pins. These stylish brushes are also decorated with classy Swarovski elements.

Why it is a good retail product?

  • Quality. Designed in Germany, and some are hand-made in Germany, these brushes represent quality at an affordable price.
  • Assortment. Paddle, round, ceramic, all the popular brushes types are available.

Where to get all the products mentioned above? Contact us 🙂

In conclusion, I would like to add that this list is just a sample of what can be supplied. If you care about your business, then try new things, get more done and, the most important, try to enjoy while at it.

Which nail care tool is better?

Recently we decided to test our nail care tools. Do not worry we won’t break them again, we already did that.

Curiosity led us to the question what is faster? Which tool is does it job best? To shorten your nails with scissors, nail clippers or glass nail file?

Let’s the race begin. Welcome the honorable participants of the race.


It took our tester 30 seconds to cut his nail with nail clippers, but he had to use glass nail files to smoothen the edges.

When it our test pilot used pair of scissors, it practically took him just a few seconds, 27 to be precise to cut his nail, but again he had to use a glass nail file to smoothen nail edges.

You all have seen the cartoon “Turbo” about the snail dreaming of F1 races? Well when tester used a glass nail file to shorten the nail it felt like time stood still. It took him 1 min and 39 seconds to get the job done. BUT! There were no need to use any other extra tools to smooth the edges.

Based on the final results we proclaim three winners! Because all of the tools ended up doing their job perfectly.

Do you have other test ideas for us to try?

16 most popular nail care tools.

There is always people like me, standing in front of the manicure rack of a shop, lost in the endless offer of tools and accessories, wondering if that 1/4 jaw cuticle nipper is the right one for me, if I need clippers or scissors, if the polish remover should be with acetone or not and so many other questions. Reason why, we came up with this visual dictionary of Basic Manicure Tools for Dummies.

Terry Towels

  • To protect the work surface from chemicals and water
  • To dry our hands between procedures and before enamel application.

Orangewood Sticks

  • For gently pushing back the cuticle,
  • For cleaning under the free edge or
  • For removing excess enamel.
  • Alternatives: glass cuticle pusher

Cotton or Gauze Pads

For removing enamel and/or excess oil from the nail plate surface.

Polish Remover

For removing nail enamel or polish from the nail plate surface.  Polish remover comes in acetone or non-acetone (ethyl acetate) formulas.  The general consensus is that acetone based removers can be safely used on natural nails while some prefer to use non-acetone based removers on artificial surfaces.

Files or Abrasives

Remember NEVER use grit smaller than 240 on the natural nail plate or for shaping the free edge.
Recommended nail files:

  • Glass Nail Files – extremely smooth and gentle and yet highly effective. Hygienic and easy to clean. Don´t wear out and last forever.
  • 3-way buffers – grit higher than 3600. Used to buff natural nails to create a natural shine.

How to use:

  • Black side: refine
  • White side: semi-shine
  • Gray side: super shine

NOT recommended:

  • Emery Boards – grit of 80 too coarse for use on natural nails.
  • Metal Files – too rough to safely use as the coarser the grit, the more easily the nail plate layers are shredded

Cuticle Nippers

Nippers come with different sizes of cutting surfaces:  1/4 jaw, 1/2 jaw and full jaw.  What this means is that the more cutting surface there is, the easier it is to cut the skin with a single ‘nip’.  It is better to use a nipper with a smaller cutting surface if one is not accustomed to using these implements.  Remember, it is only the true cuticle that is removed during the manicuring process and not the live skin of the eponychium or lateral nail folds.

Nail or Toenail Nippers/Clippers and Scissors

Nail nippers are simply a larger size cuticle nipper which have been designed to remove excess nail length, and are usually used to cut the toenails. Nail scissors have a small, curved blade and are designed to remove length from the fingernails.  Nail clippers come in small and large sizes with a curved cutting edge, and are designed to cut the fingernail and toenail.  Always be sure you use the proper tool for the proper procedure.

Cuticle Pusher

A metal implement used to push the invisible, translucent true cuticle from the nail plate.  When using this implement, never apply heavy, downward force to push back the cuticle as too much pressure applied in this area can damage the matrix.


To ‘scrape’ excess cuticle from the nail plate.

  • Remove the true cuticle from the nail plate vs. simply pushing it back.
  • If used properly, no need for nippers.

Nail Brush

Used wet, and with warm soapy water for scrubbing the surface and underside of the nail plate to aid in complete removal of pathogenic organisms, dirt and debris.

Manicure/Finger Bowl

Usually a plastic container shaped to hold the fingers and hand in a comfortable position while soaking in a warm, soapy water bath.

Hot Oil Machine

A heating unit designed to warm lotion or oil in a paper or plastic ‘tub’. A hot oil manicure is always recommended for persons with extremely dry skin and nails.

Paraffin Machine

A machine that warms paraffin wax that is used during some manicure/pedicure procedures. Warm wax will benefit tired, sore, stressed hands while serving to deep condition and moisturize the skin. Some paraffin waxes contain additives of eucalyptus and other essential oils.

Pedicure Tub

A foot tub that holds and heats water for soaking the feet. Some pedicure tubs will massage the feet while they are soaking. It is not recommended that the feet of the elderly be immersed in very hot water or massaged using these machines. Seek the advise of the elderly persons physician before performing a pedicure procedure – especially one that may have a severe or debilitating health issue.

Foot File

This is exclusively used for pedicure to smoothen out rough heels. It exfoliates the dead cells from the feet soles and helps in softening the calluses. Highly recommended the Glass Foot Files

Toe Separators

Place these in between your toes before putting on nail polish so that they do not smudge

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments.

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HANGNAIL. Warning: don´t bite or tear it off!

Hangnail is another very common and sometimes painful issue that nearly everyone experiences during lifetime. Hangnails are those dry, sometimes brittle triangular-shaped tags of skin around your fingernails, usually at the cuticle, that can tear off and be annoying as much as an unattractive and painful as well. Tearing it off can become a disturbing habit.

This usually happens because the skin is dry or because a person bites his nails. Hangnail has nothing to do with ingrown nail; hangnail is not a problem of the nail itself.



When the skin around your fingernails tears off, it opens the door to infection, especially when you consider all the bacteria your hands are exposed to every day, not to mention dishwater, cold weather and all the other things that dry out your hands in the first place. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to prevent hangnails that range from moisturizing often to pampering your hands with cuticle soaks and manicures.

Remember that hangnails that aren’t properly cared for can result in an infection called paronychia. There are three types of paronychia infection: bacterial, Candida and fungal infection in the skin around your fingernail can be red, swollen and painful, and it may even emit pus.

Common causes of hangnails

  • Dry skin
  • Cold, dry winter climate
  • Overexposure to harsh chemicals
  • Frequently immersing your unprotected hands in water
  • Nail biter
  • Bad Manicure with frequent cutting of the cuticles



  • Moisturize Your Hands – Keeping your hands moisturized  with oils, lotions and creams at all times ensures it does not become dry. As you know, dryness is a primary cause of hangnails. Therefore, keeping hands moisturized with a good hand cream, especially during dry weather is beneficial.
Moisturise your hands

Moisturize your hands

  • Wash your hands daily with a mild soap.
  • Avoid Biting Nails – If you are a nail biter, you should try and avoid this habit as you are more at risk of developing hangnails than others. In addition, the risk of infection is also higher. If you have already developed hangnails with an infection, there are various antifungal and antibiotic medications just for this purpose.
  • Trim Nails Regularly – Keeping the nails trimmed and not overly long can help prevent hangnail development. Regular manicures can also be good for your nail health, just remember that pushing cuticles back with an orangewood stick is healthier than cutting them.
Trim Nails Regularly

Trim Nails Regularly

  • Use Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover / polish with non-irritating ingredients . Acetone-based nail polish remover dries out hands and nails. Also, use polishes that do not contain drying ingredients such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

  • Use Petroleum Jelly – This is an excellent moisturizer. Petroleum jelly contains fats that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The application of petroleum jelly is one of the best ways you can prevent the hands from drying excessively.
  • Consider your diet – If you have brittle or problem nails, it could be the result of a vitamin deficiency that can make you more prone to dryness that causes hangnails. A diet rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B to promote nail strength. Moreover, drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body and skin hydrated.



Treating hangnails should not involve ripping, biting or cutting the affected area.
Steps to follow:

  1. Disinfect a pair of cuticle scissors in alcohol to reduce the chance of accidental infection.
  2. Soften the area by soaking fingers in warm water.
  3. Clip the hangnail with the cuticle scissors to prevent jagged edges.
  4. Once this is done, massage lotion to the nail bed and continue to do so for some weeks. You can also consider the application of antibacterial lotion and covering the affected area with a bandage. If the infection has set in, try soaking the fingers in hot water for a few days. If this does not work, consult your doctor.


Hangnails do not have to ruin your fingers and cause problems. If you care for your nails properly and avoid the causes of hangnail development, you ensure healthy nails.

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Nail shapes.

As it always been said that your nails are one of your best accessories, they could speak to your entire appearance. Therefore it’s just as important to find the most flattering nail shape for your nails as it is the perfect color. There are no strict rules on which shape to wear, but there are essential steps to follow, if you want to have finished flawless look.

First step is to choose a nail file that is right for you; the main difference between nail files is the grit – the lower the number, the rougher the grit. If you have natural nail use crystal nail file. As some say, “It just takes longer time to file acrylic or gel nails with crystal nail file”.

Next step would be clipping or cutting your nails if you want to change the length, after this one you are ready to file. File your nails  from the outside of the nail towards the center of the nail — going from each side inward, but not going back and forth.  One more important thing to remember- do not file wet nails, let them completely dry.

When it comes to nail shapes, it’s hard to say what is best, it’s like picking hair color or outfit. Totally depends on one’s taste. But there are basic shapes that you could go with:

Nail shapes

  • Oval shape mostly looks great on any hands, and yet you might find this shape most flattering if you have shorter/wider fingers. In order to get this shape file the tip of the nail into egg shape and file away all edges.
  • Squoval it’s probably one of the awkward words ever, but  it so popular because it’s less prone catching on clothing, which is the main cause of nail breaking. This style looks great on any finger, although it could look better on longer fingers with narrow nails.
  • Square is classic and easy to maintain shape, which look great paired with famous French manicure. But I would strongly recommend to avoid this shape if you have shorter nails and fingers. The square shape could enhance shortness.
  • Rounded shape is great. The main reason is its utility, if you can’t have long nail at work, go with rounded shape. Simple the best nail shape ever, it goes with practically any nails and fingers types.
  • Almond/Pointed one of trends of latest fashion seasons, a lot of female singers had this nail shape on their finger. Add some gorgeous, bold and shiny color and Voila you are the queen of the day or night. However there is biggest disadvantage- nail can easily break.

But as I mentioned before there are no hard rules and you can pick anything you would like to have on your nails, plus there is whole another thing called acrylic/gel nails shape. And when it comes to shape those nails, well, there are no limits.

crazy nail shape

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Baby nails

The most precious and loved person in the world would be a child. All young parents face situation when they actually do not know how to shorten their child’s nails.

Well, frustration and confusion are quite reasonable feelings at this point, can you imagine tiny tine baby hands and even smaller nails.

Most of the parents are terrified even of thought cutting their baby’s nails or even worse hurting them.  But you have to shorten baby’s nails because they have little control over their hands and could scratch themselves.

Some of parents do the nail-trimming task with a partner: one holding the baby preventing baby form squirming and the other person is trimming the nails.  In any case, before starting to trim make sure, you and your baby in a comfortable position and nothing is distracting.

As for tools, nursery advisers, baby shops offer bunch of safe and cute nail trimming goodies:

Baby nail scissors; have rounded tips for safety

Baby nail scissors

Baby nail scissors

Easy to use if you are experienced or fearless parent.

Baby glass nail files; no cutting, no blood, no fear.

Small glass nail file

Small glass nail file

Nail shortening will be as easy as piece of cake.

Baby nail clippers; have also safety measures such as rounded edges.

Baby nail clipper

Baby nail clipper

In my opinion one of the most “sophisticated” tools to handle with.

To be honest choosing nail care tool for your baby it’s a matter of preferences, there is no right or wrong choice, as  long as you and your child feel comfortable using one or another tool.

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Pet Nails

Oh no nail grooming time

Nervous pets and grooming time!

Dogs struggling, crying, whining and hiding …same story every single time the nail clippers come out!  Whether it’s trimming nails or just trying to brush your nervous pet – no matter how experienced you are or how much effort you put into keeping your pet calm, there is something you have to know: They don’t like to be groomed.

Here, some tips and tools for general grooming and for getting the nails of your pet done without experiencing a traumatizing situation for both of you.


  1. Keep yourself calm. If you are anxious your pet will certainly pick up on it.  Create a relaxed environment by putting on your favorite CD and begin by getting your pet comfortable with you stroking them.
  2. Leave the worst to the end. If your pet enjoys being brushed but hates having their claws clipped, always leave their nails to the end.  Begin by brushing them so they enjoy the session and start to relax before you attempt to even touch their paws.
  3. A little bribery never hurts! Many pets are very food-motivated so use this to tempt and reward them.  Also praise with an encouraging and reassuring tone of voice.  Do a little at a time with each small step offering a reward.Cat filing nails


Dogs need their nails clipped and filed on a regular basis, usually every 3 to 4 weeks. Overdue nails raise health issues. Extended growth can result in painful ingrown nails.  Some dogs will find it difficult to place their full body weight on their feet with discomfort from elongated nails. As a result these dogs develop sore feet, legs and hips and overall discomfort. Just to walk can then be a painful experience for them.
Nail clipping is essentially the process of cutting away excess nail, and the key is to learn just what the “excess nail” is. If you can hear dog nails when walk on a hard floor surface, there is probably a small or better amount of excess nail to clip and/or file down always taking care of not cutting through the “quick”.

THE QUICKWhere to clip dog nails and quick

There is a blood vessel in pet dog and cat nails, commonly referred to as “the quick” and usually visible to the eye except for dark-coloured nails. Because it is possible to cut the quick and cause a nail to bleed, many pet owners are fearful of cutting their pet’s nails.
If the quick is already very near nail tips, daily filing for approximately three weeks may encourage nail quick to recede enough for a comfortable, bloodless nail clipping.
The nails should be clipped and filed on a regular basis in order to maintain their healthy state, and prevent the pet from having to undergo bleeding nails. There is almost no risk of causing the nails to bleed when filing them.

But cutting your pet’s nails can be a daunting task. Learning how to hold and handle the dog, and properly use the correct tools, makes nail clipping and filing a much more bearable procedure for dogs. Most nail clipping procedures cause no pain to the dogs.


  • Guillotine-type nails clippers for medium to large dogs, as an option you can use
  • Large scissor-type nails clippers for small dogs or cats
  • Or Dremel-Type nail trimmer Peticure or PediPaws: great for dogs with black or dark colour nails
  • Commercial coagulant to stop nail bleeding if happens
  • Glass nail files for smooth finish after clipping
  • Nail polish for dogs or “nail caps”


  1. Place your left arm around the dog’s middle body and hold it against your chest. Talk softly and kindly to ease the dog’s anxiety about the clipping procedure.
  2. In your left hand hold the dog’s foot with your thumb on top of the toe, and two or more fingers below along the pad of the foot.
  3. Insert the nail into the clipper, and clip below the quick at a 45 degree angle. Be sure to also clip dew claws, About 1″ to 3″ above the inside of their front feet (and sometimes rear fee) dogs may have “5th nails” commonly referred to “dew claws.” On dogs with black nails you may want to make several small clips instead of clipping “a chunk off.” You will usually be able to spot the “quick” as a dark spot in the center of the nail when looking at it head on. This is the quick you want to avoid cutting.
  4. If you cut the quick you must stop the bleeding. In most cases, a coagulant product is sufficient. Apply the powder to the tip of the quick where it was cut, and hold with moderate pressure. The bleeding often stops very quickly. Wipe away excess powder and re-check the “seal” often. Remember, it is possible that the powder seal may be washed or scratched off until the “seal” has had adequate time to dry. If you leave too much excess powder it hardens into a “cap” on the nail tip that can be broken off and entirely remove the seal. Therefore, be sure to remove excess powder only.
  5. File each nail with a nail file, so that the tip is soft and without rough broken edges. Pet owners appreciate this added touch, and it saves women’s stockings! Glass nail files clean up the nails free of burrs without the risk of cutting into live tissue and don’t stress your pet. It is recommended to file nails in one direction only. It should be washed after use and disinfected with the customary disinfectant or be sterilized.Remember:– Filing nails that bled may remove the coagulant styptic powder “seal” and resume bleeding. Do not file the seal away.– For scared animals try to avoid electric grinders and files.
  6. If a dew claw has grown into a circular loop, you can cut into the mid-section of the nail with scissor-type cutter before the quick. Afterwards, use the regular nail clippers to finish cutting but again avoiding the quick.
  7. One nails are clipped and filed and for an extra special touch, finish with a coat of quick-drying pet nail polish, available at most pet stores, at pet boutiques and online. We do not recommend using nail polish for humans. Instead there are epoxy enamel polishes for dogs available from grooming suppliers. Good dog nail polish is very durable.

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Favorite Mont Bleu products of 2012

Hello everyone,

I must apologize for my long absence, well there have been a lot of thing that keep me away from sharing posts with you. However if you follow our Facebook page or our Twitter you know that we had very busy time.

But I’m back and not empty handed, I’m going to tell about last year results, as they say “it’s better late than never”.  Shall we?
Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

I know I’m not supposed to put any words, but I wanted to say sorry. Sorry, my poor neglected blog. I won’t be doing this…well you know it’s holiday season and we have a lot fun things going around. Beauty Advent Calendar, Black Friday Sales and something totally new in our glass nail files section which I hopefully would be able to show you very soon.

In a meantime,please enjoy holiday mood and picture of :