Where to get fish pedicure?

I already told about so popular fish pedicure in my old post. I thought you might be interested where actually to get it?
Well, obviously I can’t cover the whole world spas, but I could try to start from Prague salons, since we based here.

On the YouTube you could find videos of these procedures, and this is an actual thing, you just pass by building situated on Wenceslas square, and here we go…people enjoying their spa treatment in from of everyone.
So, if you are around Prague sometime, I think you definitely should try to visit that salon.

Although, recently I discovered several opinion suggesting that fish pedicure might put at risk your health.  As you know, it is obligatory to disinfect every tools used on spa/pedicure/manicure after each use, moreover some of the tools are disposal. But when it comes to expensive Garra Rufa fish, you can’t throw them away, but salon owner do filters tanks as often as possible. These Health Institutions think that fungus and other disease could be spread through open wounds.

Well, until research is done, we can still enjoy or freak out getting fish pedicure. Remember everything has sane limits, and you’ll be fine.

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