What do your nails say about your destiny?

We all heard of chiromancy or palmistry, some do believe in old and sort of sacral fortunetelling practice.  But did you know that they can predict your destiny also by looking at your nails?

Totally unique and outstanding way of divination is to use occasionally appearing spot on our nails. Specialists practicing this technique assure, that nails and especially spots can tell a lot about near future of a person; about his lucks, happiness, health and even spiritual state.

Not only the size and the form of spots matters, but also the place they appeared on.  Let’s see the essential basics of nail fortunetelling, so you can predict your own future.

It’s deemed if spot appeared on the lunule it can tell the future, if it’s on the end of the nail- about past and if it’s on the middle of the nail – about present.

Apparently color of the spot matters too, so what do they tell us?

White spots– are forerunner of happiness, prosperity and gifts you will get and it’s better if you have on the left hand fingernail.  Experienced specialist could even tell your lifespan.  But, if your white spots become yellow it’s not a good sign. It leads to troubles and needs.

Yellow spots– are signs of illness, conflicts and fights, which could appear in one’s life.  Big yellow spots could also be signs of near death.  If your nail suddenly becomes all white, that will also be a sign of near death.

Red and brown spots are no good forerunners either, sadness, illness and other bad thing could happen, if have those spots on your nails.

So, what do we have so far: white spots are good, as I already mentioned not only the color mattes, but also a placement.

-thumb: near luck, possible win, happy love and lucky business;
-index finger: business luck, power and respect from surroundings;
-middle finger: good news from parents and close relatives, and again great worship;
-ring finger: indulgence from bad people, love affair or wedding;
-pinkie finger:  success in all creativity beginnings, scientific work and selling, as well as great worship and some happy event;

But you know what? All of this sounds so not true, I mean sure you can tell a person’s health condition  by noticing different spots on the nails. It has nothing to do with the real fortunetelling, if there is one.  I could only suggest so you take care of your health by eating and living healthy.

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