Wednesday Interview

Let us introduce new weekly post called “Wednesday Interview”, as part of our #Nailstime project, dedicated to nails.

We are going to interview well-know beauty and nail gurus and bloggers and will post their answers right here.

This week, we are happy to present you Tina’s answers. She has a great blog

Young woman hand with multicoloured nails. On white.

Nail polish and you.  Please tell us a little about your nail polish addiction

  • How old were you when you applied your first nail polished?  Around 4 (!), but I had my grandma help me out with the application!
  • What was the color of your first manicure?  A basic black.
  • When did you get your first manicure?  I’ve been doing my own nails as long as I can remember, so I only had them professionally done a couple of years ago!
  • Who inspired you to get your nails done for the first time?  The Shellac trend, now that one had to be done by a professional!

That was about your first steps. Let’s move ahead tell us about your:

  • Most used nail color? I try different shades all the time, but I always come back to a good nude (L’Oreal Color Riche in 201 Rose Paradis) or any dark and vampy nail color!
  • How often do you change your nail polish?  Usually, about twice a week, almost always alternating shades.
  • Most favored nail brand/s? OPI will always have my heart, but lately I’m also enjoying the Bourjois “1 Second Silicone Texture Gel” range.
  • Most liked nail polish texture/finish?  I’m a die hard fan of creme finish in nail polishes!

Tell us how your family is involved in your hobby/addiction?

  • Do your family members share your passion?  Not really, though I’m starting to think that my addiction is wearing off on my mother lately!
  • Do you have a child who is interested in nail polishes as you? 

And something for the future:

  • What colors do you think will be popular in autumn/winter or 2014? I can see dark shades like black, burgundy and grey being big for the upcoming fall/winter season, as well as holographic and metallic finishes!

Thank you very much for answering 🙂

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