Top 10 Ways to Achieve Great Skin Health (That Really Work!)

The following article is a guest submission provided by lovely M.

So, summer is over and you have no vacation to dream about, well not until this time next year right? Have you come back sun kissed, full of freckles and already starting to peel? Or is your skin suffering because you were out every night drinking crazy amounts of sangria and eating junk food until you threw up? Whatever the problem, I’m sure I can help you if you just read the following simple steps.

Causes of Bad Skin

For many, the causes of bad skin and acne are related to the levels of hormones in the body. Adult women are more prone to acne during the child bearing age and leading up to their periods because of the imbalance of hormones during this time.

However, although blemish free skin cannot be totally removed it can be avoided.

1. Diet and Nutrition for good skin

I know that you’ve read this a billion times before on other sites and in magazines but we cannot stress the importance of a healthy diet!

Foods good for the skin include:

  • High Iron Content – red meats, eggs, broccoli.
  • High Vitamin C Content – oranges, peppers, strawberries.
  • High Zinc Content – cheese, nuts, mushrooms.

2. Natural products

Herbal products such as Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract and Willow Herb are great alternatives to using the well-known facial washes (that are in fact intended for oily, teenage skin).  These treatments come in the form of facemasks and toners that are easy to use and cost-effective.

3. Daily Skin routine

We won’t tell you how to perform your own skin routine because everyone has their own way of doing it and some things work differently for others. We advise you to do the following:

  • Avoid scrubbing the face; this will only dry out the skin, leaving it red and inflamed.
  • Avoid using hot water to clean the face; cold water is always best as hot water dries the skin out – on the scalp, face and other parts of the body.
  • Use a cleanser and moisturiser daily – try to use one containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, these are key ingredients (perfect if you suffer from acne).
  • Try to exfoliate regularly as this removes dead skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is linked to all preventable health issues including: heart disease, obesity, fatigue, and headaches. So it comes as no surprise that it has a profound effect on your skin too. Reducing your stress levels can dramatically increase your chances of breakouts.

5. Remove Make-up Daily

We’re all guilty of this, especially after a boozy night out when all you want to do is pass out on your bed. This is not ideal for your skin and severely clogs your pores up. Invest in some good make-up wipes that can remove the make-up fast, before the room starts to spin.

6. Exercise

I’m not talking about going to the gym every day or heading to the nearest treadmill. How about a simple walk? Don’t catch the ten-minute bus, just walk, put your headphones in and enjoy a nice stroll. It’s a simple as that! If you’re feeling a little more fruity then you could join a Pilates or Zumba class.

7. Water

You don’t have to drink mass amounts, but it is recommended that you consume 6-8 glasses per day. If water just isn’t your thing then why not buy flavoured water instead? Water is perfect for skin hydration and maintains a healthy glow.

8. Don’t keep touching your Face!

When you get that one annoying pimple and it just won’t budge. You’re feeling paranoid about it right? Well, trust me, no one is bothered by it; one little spot isn’t going to make a difference to your lovely face! Just don’t touch it, pick it, and scratch it, as it will lead to scarring.

Our hands are naturally quite oily and this is transferred to the area, worsening the outbreak. If you pop the pimple the bacteria found inside it can transfer from your hands to other areas of the skin, promoting further spots. So, sit on your hands for goodness sake!

9. Sleep

At least 8 hours is required. If you sleep properly your skin will regenerate itself correctly and you will maintain healthier looking skin. Try to put on your cleanser just before you go to sleep, as it will be absorbed more effectively during a state of rest.

10. Bare minimum UV Rays!

Pale and interesting or sun kissed and at a huge risk of contracting skin cancer? I know which one I prefer. For those who have neglected their skin over summer then I hope you’ll learn from your mistakes and take the following into consideration:

  • An excessive amount of UV rays – leads to skin cancer. I can’t put it more bluntly. You may think you’re fine now but skin cancer doesn’t become apparent until years later.

If you were sensible enough to invest in a high SPF sun cream and an after sun lotion, then a big pat on the back for you. When travelling abroad, to tropical climates in particular it is advised to stay out of the sun during peak hours (usually from 11am-3pm).

So remember, eat well, sleep well and live well. Don’t pop your pimples; try to eat some leafy greens or an apple a day and drink water to stop you from dehydrating. Simple stuff really!

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