Top 10 Beauty Standards

Last time we talked about women fixations and other small problems more or less related to a beauty concept. As we all agreed self-esteem and inner satisfaction are the key pillars of our outer beauty.

However, since the very beginning of humankind people tend to measure, put some frames and create different standards of everything, including beauty. I am not talking about makeup trends or fashion style; I want to talk about beauty standard in general.  There are plenty of cultural, historical, social and anthropological studies saying that men were the trendsetters of everything, including women appear. Well, of course there are people who disagree with such claims; I am not taking any side in this never-ending discussion between men and women. I just want to summarize and see, how it impacted today’s world of beauty, if it did.

Number 10
Let’s start from ancient, from Ancient China.  The ideal beautiful woman in China would be small, petite with smallest feet. None of the self-respecting men of that time would marry a girl with large feet.  So, to make feet stay small girls wore feet bandages to prevent growing. Surprisingly, long hair cued was considered as manhood.
Number 9
Ancient Maya women painted their bodies with red paste, which included very sticky and smelly resin. It was assort of everyday beauty routine, glamorous and perfumed. Face had its own makeup too.
Mysterious Ancient Egypt surely had probably one of the most developed beauty trends in whole ancient times. Slender, graceful woman with full lips and almond like eyes would be ultimate dream of any man. To make pupils bigger and eyes shine, ladies used Belladonna eye drops. The green eyes were on the top of the list, therefore adventurous women used green eyeliner made from copper carbonate. To get finish look fingernails and toe nails were polished with green as well. Lovely look but no, thanks. 🙂Number7
Ancient Greeks admired athletic body types. So, not so surprisingly Aphrodite sculpture became sort of measurement for all women; 164 centimeters tall (about 5 ft 4 in), other measurements -86-69-93, quite a curvy one.  And beautiful woman of that time should have straight nose and big eyes.
The Roman Empire as great as it was, left us great treasures, including some beauty secrets. A pale skin and blond hair, that was a dream girl look. Romans were the first to find out how to bleach hair; they rubbed hair with sponge dipped into mixture of a got milk and ash of beech tree, and then simply stay under the sun to achieve the desirable blond.
Medieval times were one of the crucial and evil ones; beauty considered as sin and women suffered a lot during the crazy witch hunts. Hair bleaching was claimed as wicked ungodly deed. Slant bodies were covered with heavy pieces of clothes, hair was covered with cap. The ideal of beauty became Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus- long face, big eyes and small mouth.
The beginning of XIII century started with worshiping the “beautiful lady”. Women now compared to a rose- delicate, graceful and fine. It was the reason women had to tie their breasts, to make them smaller.
The Renaissance came up with several beauty trends, such as pale face, ling swan like neck and big forehead. To make face look longer, women had to shave their hairs above forehead and pluck their brows till zero level, and to make neck look longer they shaved nape.
Rococo age was all about hair styling and hair emphasizing, time of hair art. Ladies tried to safe expensive hair do as long as possible; without brushing and washing for a weeks. Isabella Queen of Castile once said, that she had been washed only twice during her whole life, when she was born and on the day she got married. Pretty disgusting, I should say.

XX-XXI centuries, our days; life changed a lot. However fashion historians all agree, that in the future, XXI century could be determined as era of short women hair dos and dystrophy cult, though they wash themselves quite often. 🙂
Looking back at history, you might as well end up thinking, that today’s’ fashion and beauty trends are not that undoable. So, we have to wear super high-heels, but we have alternative ballerinas, we have to think of obesity, we can’t go outside without a makeup (most of us can’t, some do). But it all up to us, we have a choice and freedom to do or not to.

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