Top “you deserve this” spa procedures

Feeling emotional over spending enormous amount of money for cream or spa salon visit? Chill out!  Hardly you can overcome Mila Kunis, who spent 7000 USD for body and face exfoliation procedure. Well, the treatment involved rubies (they say this gem stone is rich of antioxidants) and diamonds…however. Let’s see what else spa and beauty salons offering for exacting clients.
One of the trends of beauty fashion is a pedicure with snakes (fish pedicure is not exciting anymore).  Only 300 USD and your toe nails will be adorned with real snake skin practically changed right in front of you.  Trendy pattern will last about 12 weeks due to special top coat gel.Pedicure for 300 USD is not more than a children’s game foe you? Well, you might make an appointment for “icy” manicure. It is commonly offered in one of the London salons, as they claim royal family likes this manicure very much. Not surprisingly, doubtfully those mere mortals could afford procedure costing… 50000 USD. For this money you would get your cuticle removed, nails polished and adorned with diamonds weighting about ten carats. And when you will be bored of it, you could get bracelet made of those diamonds.Anyway, if you think that 50000 is way to much for manicure, we can offer its “budget” version: only for 30000 in other salon, yet in same London your nails will be covered with placer of brilliants, sapphires and rubies.  There are rumors, saying princesses from the East regularly visit the capital of Albion.Spring water fans would definitely like procedure, previously offered by Victor Hotel’s V Spa in Los Angeles.  While renting penthouse for 6000 per night, as addition you could ask a room service for a bath with Evian water, which costs “only” 5000. Moreover for this money there is complimentary fruit plate, bottle of champagne and fresh flowers. So generous! Golden mask is not surprising anymore, even the price is “ridiculously low”; for this pleasure you have to pay only 400 USD.  Advantages are obvious:  besides your skin will be moisturized, fresh and radiant looking, you going to feel worth your weight in gold.The last, but not the least ends our list of expensive (and odd) beauty treatments hair cut at one of the leading stylists – Johne Baretta, Sally Hershberger, Frederic Fekkai and Orlando Pita. Average hair cut price starts from 600 USD, but it’s not end limit. The funniest thing is that hairs start growing like crazy. Few weeks and –voila!- you are back again to the salon. But…you do deserve it, indeed.

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