Toe nail falling off.

Is your toenail falling off? Don’t be scared, we will help.


Let’s be very clear and simple, if you are in pain or discomfort about your toenail falling off, go to a doctor called dermatologist.

If you are still here, probably it’s not that bad. Let’s determine if the nail is falling off due to injury or one of the nail diseases. If it’s a nail disease, it’s probably nail fungus. Follow the link if you know it’s not because of the injury.

If it’s because of the injury, you need to understand that the new nail will grow instead of the old one, it can take several months up to six months, and depending on the nature of the injury, the growing process can repeat.

Self treatment is pretty easy in case it’s was a minor injury:

  • keep your feet clean – because of hygiene
  • change socks often – because of hygiene
  • cut the nail in straight line, so the nail won’t extent over the finger – this will help prevent them from breaking and causing pain.

As an example, my toenail got injured in a paintball game while I was running like crazy, I think my shoes have something to do with this fact, so lesson learned:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Wear shoes suitable for the activity you are doing, whether it’s running or paintball.
I didn’t had any usual symptoms that people associate with nail separation, bleeding, pain, discoloration, collection of the blood. Because of the adrenalin I didn’t feel pain during the game.  But after some time I realized that I hadn’t cut my toenails in a while, so I took a closer look at them.

I found nothing unusual. It was several weeks after when I noticed that I have something in the lunula part (it’s where you see it grow) of the toenail, it was a new nail. I asked people around (family mostly, because you don’t go with your toenail problems to strangers), and as it appeared it was nothing to be afraid off.

Only then I started to notice that my old nail is getting discolored. I was hesitating to go to a doctor, so ended up just waiting and self treating. The new nail was growing very slowly, I was thinking about ripping it off, but after I read a couple articles,

I learned that:
2. Don’t tear or rip off your falling off nail, because it will probably hurt, expose your finger to germs and alike, won’t faster the process that much.
So the solution here is to wait it out and let the nail grow naturally, not forgetting to treat the nail. After some time, and the old nail almost fall off, I noticed that the new nail will probably fall off as well, because another nail is going right after it.
3. If you have a new nail growing, that’s a good thing, because your body knows what to do.

If you hesitate, visit a dermatologist near you.

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