Summer nails

summer nails

With summer upon us, we all want to be looking our sun kissed best. But what should we be doing with our nails? Here are some top tips to keep you mittens and tootsies looking good all summer long!

1. Mix it up!

For the ultimate summer look, don’t go for boring matching colour on your hands and feet – go for the ultimate mani-pedi combination. Live it up and mix it up. The only thing to bear in mind is to keep the darker colour for your toes, and opt for a less dramatic colour for your hands. Here are our top tips for the perfect combinations:

Red and light blue
Lilac and mint green
Coral and purple
Electric blue and pink

2. Don’t let time (or lack of it) be an excuse!

We’ve all been there – a million things to do and not nearly enough time to fit them all in. But don’t worry, when you don’t have time to get your pedicure, you can fake it. Dip a cotton wool ball or Q tip in nail polish remover and rub it across your toenails to remove any old nail polish or grime. Then massage your entire foot with a little bit of olive oil — you’ll be shiny and beautiful in no time.

3. Keep on top of toenails

You need to buff your toenails as well as your fingernails. We recommend every 4 – 6 weeks to keep them smooth. A good tip is to apply a base coat before your polish – this will prevent your nails from being stained.

4. Keep it natural

Not all bosses appreciate nail art. If you can’t wear the bright colours you want to because of your job, neutral shades will instantly make your nails look well groomed. Barely there shades such will give you a chic look fit for any occasion.

5. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

For the perfect nails, you need to make sure you use a good moisturiser. Nail oils can be fabulous for this and will help you grow lovely strong nails. Apply it before bed every night.

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