Sweat proof MakeUp

It’s hot. It’s summer. I don’t like it when it’s hot; humidity, sweating, swollen fingers and toes, and the worse part makeup meltdown. That’s how I feel during summer, maybe you don’t but I do, that’s why I had to come with idea who to prevent my makeup from melting , you know my face sweats (especially when I’m wearing sunglasses).  I suppose I didn’t invent something totally new, but these are my makeup rules I follow during hot season.

  • I switch from rich moisturizer to light one of course with SPF; it absorbs faster and leaves skin hydrated without oily layers.
  • I don’t use medium cover foundation during summer; instead I prefer BB cream which is much lighter.
  • I use translucent loose powder to set my “foundation” and get some matting effect.
  •  No eyeshadow, no liner just kohl pencil and mascara.
  •  And tons of blotting papers.
  • Lip balm with SPF filter.

These were my simple rules I try to stick to if I don’t want to lock like melting cake.   What about you? Do you skip some part of your makeup routine? Or do you wear permanent makeup? Or do you use waterproof makeup?

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