SPA procedures at your own

Metropolis citizens have to fight everyday stress using different approaches and tools. Some choose sports, some fall into bad habits, while the others dive into relaxing procedures, visiting saunas, beauty salons and SPA centers.

The last mentioned way is notable, because it bring not only physical relief, but also stabilizes emotional health, which is very important in fast pace of living.

Thalassotherapy usually considered as luxury, that not everyone can afford, but it is not totally truth, you can enjoy this procedure at your own home. For instance, simply fill the bath with warm water (recommended temperature 37 degrees of Celsius) with light concentrated foam for bath and shower “Bain aux Relax Aux Huiles Essentielles” by Clarins with essential oil from basil, geranium and chamomile. If the foam presence is not principal, I advise you to try one more way:  add to bath 10-15 drops of any relaxing essential oils, like lavender, balm, rose or sage, and as a result gone stress and relaxed body and mind.

Also try aroma bath with calming mineral salts and geranium oils “Close Your Eyes” by SPAritual, which immediately relieve tension and anxiety. The other variant- relaxing bath salt “Swedish Spa- Salon” by Oriflame, consisting of Dead Sea salts and peppermint extract, really helps to distress and even has detox effect.
By the way, any type of mineral sea salt bought in any drug store will do great- just remember to get fragrance and colorant free, due to obvious reasons- we want maximum effect. Any SPA treatment hard to imagine without body exfoliation: it has to be warmed up and dead cell have to be removed. In Turkish hamam or Russian sauna, there is a whole ritual, held by male expert, who has a glove made of goat wool “kese” or well known flag broom.
Doing it yourself, you also can achieve same results thanks to body scrubs based on sea salts, you can find in “Body Tonic Polisher Gommage Tonic Corps” by Clarins; based on sugar, you can find in “SPA-treatment Cocoa Sugar Fix” by Orly; or smooth cream with small polymer exfoliation particles “Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliation Cream” by Clinique.  It is impossible to imagine spa resorts without any massages offered, but even DIY spa treatments could also have massage.  After any bath procedures apply with round movements dry body oil “Huile Precieuse Minerale” by Payot starting from your feet, and for special occasions try the dry body oil “Velvet Body Oil” based on Coco Mademoiselle aroma by Chanel. And one more thing, one of the ancient beauty secret that extant from Cleopatra times is milk baths: add couple packs of this healthy in all meaning drink , believe me, result will impress you.

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  1. Milk spas are a great way to make sure of expired milk to prevent wastage 🙂

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