Skin and body during Euro 2012.

Hi everyone,

As you all know it’s EURO 2012 time and as an occasional football fan I watch it. I’ve been watching it since the beginning including last night match between Italy and England.  I’m no football expert to make any conclusion about the game, though I’m an expert of myself and when I looked at the clocks it was past midnight when teams finally scored their penalty series I was horrified.  ENjoyment and all the fun disappeared when I realized that I won’t get enough sleep before going to work. See I’m not the one who has troubles waking up, but I do feel tired as well as my skin and eyes.
Long time ago scientists proved that our skin rejuvenates while we are sleeping, to be exact between 11pm and 2 am, assuming that we are already sleeping, not just went to bed. Plenty of “special” night creams available for us…but

Unfortunately I’m too lazy to follow all the prescription to healthy and glowing look, but for those of you who is responsible here some tips to use.


First in line to betray you in the morning – your eyes.  Puffiness and blue circles never suited anyone.  Think of your day schedule. What time you go to bed do and what time do you get out of it and what do you eat and drink before sleeping?  Don’t eat late at night and don’t forget to apply eye cream before sleeping (though cream excesses also cause eye puffiness).


They also need night care. Try massaging them with soft toothbrush, it will improve blood circulation and will make your lips smooth and bright. But if your lips are dry and chapped skip brushing and use only lip balm.

Hands and feet

You’ve been working hard all day as well as your feet and hands. Those need rest too.  Nourishing masks along with cotton gloves and socks are best treatment.  Don’t be afraid to fall asleep wearing socks, it will work even better.


If you want to use scrub, do it before sleeping, in case irritation at least your skin will have all night to recover. Don’t forget serums.


It was long and stressful day, your head is full of different thoughts and even unpleasant ones.  Take relaxing bath.  Aroma oils and salts and even foams will help you to de-stress.

And last but not the least

Good night also depends on good pillow. Get yourself anatomic pillow and forget about back pain and meet very morning with smile on your face.

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