Rules for better sleep

Don’t be surprised, this blog is about everything that interests us; which mean good dreams too. It’s Monday and many of us have to go to work, surely it’s much easier if you work from home and you don’t have early morning meetings with your boss.  But life is not that simple. So, how do we get good night sleep?
Sleeping is essential part of our life. Are you 30? Well, you have slept for 10 years already.  It’s not a secret; we do spend about third of our lifetime sleeping.  The secret is how sleep better, because our days mostly depend on our previous nights.  Here some tips for proper sleep.
1.    Make it at time, at one time.
Our body gets used to the schedule we set.  If you got used to go to bed at 10pm, try to stick to it, making difference not more than 20-30 minutes.  It makes easier to fall asleep.
2.    Don’t take day naps.
Napping turns your bed time into long and hard process. If you need day nap, try to rest before 4pm.
3.    Don’t overeat before bed.
Eat at least two hours before going to sleep; otherwise your stomach can’t digest all food you have eaten.  Plus it is almost impossible to fall asleep with full stomach.
4.    Good quality bed and pillow- recipe for proper sleep.
Make sure you fill comfortable in your bed.  Don’t use super-high pillows it leads to future spinal problems. Use orthopedic mattresses.
5.    Sleepwear.
Your sleep wear has to be very comfortable (unless you like to sleep naked).  Don’t buy pajamas and sleepshirts with lace and other delicate garnish. Your body must rest.
6.    Try to avoid computers and television before sleep.
I know it’s hard especially when it’s become almost trendiest thing in world to work at night. You can try, because it’s not only bad for eyes but also bad for nervous systems. Some disturbing images or super positive news makes impossible to fall asleep, and even if you did you probably will have nightmares.
7.    Don’t drink coffee or tea late at night.
It’s not only about caffeine; also these two liquids are diuretics.  None of these qualities promises good sleep.
8.    Don’t exercise before sleep.
It may sound stupid, but I’ve seen people jogging late at night.  Sport and other physical activities are good in the morning and during the day, because in the evening exercises are only increase your energy level.   You need to be a little tired to fall asleep, plan your activities through the day, so by the end of it you want to lie down and relax.
I hope I didn’t make you fall asleep and even if I did, check your clock 🙂 if it’s not past 4pm.

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