Nail polish for men? Pro et contra

Surfing around the web, I found several articles about men nail polish and manicure.  I was thinking is it something that should become common thing or it’s just occasional trend.
You can find a lot of pictures of Johnny Depp with pretty bright blue manicure or David Beckham  wearing jet black nail polish or some other show-business representatives. Well, those are celebrities, and from time to time they do interpret character from play or movie or even from stage.
Some companies even created special collections of male nail polish, so guys can actually feel manly choosing from the palette dedicated to men.
But what if your colleague sitting next your table at the office has something bright on his nails? Or future King- to- be has pink nails? I don’t want to sound as sexiest, and surely I don’t mind men with neat hands and nails, our company even has manicure sets for men.  However, there is a feeling of crossing some invisible boundaries.

What do you think of it?

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6 thoughts on “Nail polish for men? Pro et contra

  1. Well, if you consider all the typically “men’s” styles that women have begun wearing, I guess it doesn’t seem odd that some styles previously consider for women would show up on men too. What’s a little paint going to hurt anyway? it’s certainly not going to change his gender!

  2. If you look on wikipedia you will discover that colouring the nails was originally done by the Roman and greek armies to show rank and also the egyptians.

  3. jeez… There is no invisible boundary. Men can paint their nails if
    they want. If it was more common place, then more men would actually
    take care of their nails instead of letting them look nasty. Taking
    care of your nails can be fun… colors can be fun and expressive. Why
    should woman have all the fun? Why do some of you commenting feel
    compelled to judge and impose your insecurities on others. Men… paint
    your nails if you want to or at least try it at home a few times. Get
    over worrying about what other people will think…, man up, and decide
    for yourself what you want to do with you life, your clothing, your
    body, or your nails. These sorts of things are harmless.

  4. I think men painting their nails is totally fine. That is not really affecting anyone in any way, why in the world would that be an issue for anyone. People, regardless of gender, can present themselves however they’d like. It’s really not an issue.

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