Make up history- The Thirties

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During the 30th of the last century several fashion trends existed- on one hand Hollywood diva’s chic, on the other hand – surrealistic and controversial Schiaparelli models, plus common sporty style trend- light trousers and skirts in combination with white t-shirts. In general fashion style was decent and rational. According fashion development makeup developed as well, it became more affordable and sensible.

It became popular to be tanned, fit and soigné. Main feature of 30th makeup was elegance and divines. Ladies at that time tried to look like Hollywood stars and brought that stage and movie style into a daily life.  Eyes were still emphasized, but not the lips anymore.  Thus, makeup became more smooth and with calmer tones and shades.

Make up peculiarities in 30th years.

Face. Light tan came into vogue at that time; it was a sort of sign of wealth and rich life. Pale faces, vulgar bright spots became thing of the past- blush was properly applied so the cheeks would be slightly covered giving the face most desirable aristocratic look.

Eyes were the most emphasized part of face. Upper and lower lid were lined and as must these lines were meeting in the corner of the eye. All lines were smudged to get “smokey eyes” effect, bringing out that fatal look. Dark eye shadows were applied on top of the lining, eyelashes with a lot of mascara on them.

Eyebrows played their unique and important role. Eyebrows in 30th were thin, plucked into thin line and lined as arc. Those arc and half-circles were designed to bring face a surprised look. Women believed that look was attractive and mysterious, because no one had a clue what was a reason for that expression on the face.

Lips were properly lined, but used lipstick colors were mostly neutral colors.

Hairdo. The most popular hairdo was one, made from curly hairs with side parting. Blond girls with blue eyes from the movie screen came into everyday life, it was the time when phrase “Nothing suits women more than hydric dioxide”.  Light hairs were accessorized with super trendy beret, sailor- hat or with felt hat with elegant trimming.

As for my opinion was the best in terms of fashion an cosmetic industry development. Emancipation, rights, independence, new social roles and many things changed during the third decade of the last century.

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