Make up history –“Roaring Twenties, Jazz time”

Series of posts about makeup trends of the last century; this one is about wonderful time of Great Gatsby.

Fashionistas in the twenties of the last century couldn’t image their life without entertainment, champagne and cigarettes as well as they couldn’t image themselves without long pearl rope laying on flat cleavage and without dresses with low waist-line.

Ladies were dieting, sporting and had been using  all available at that time massage and beauty procedures. And all for achieving one aim: to widen shoulders, to make hips smaller, and eventually to make breasts as flat as possible. Femininity were shown through make up, although this “feminine touch” were quiet sophisticated due to it  femme fatal nature.

Make up peculiarities in 20th years.

Face– Skin was very smooth and mat, women tried to make it as pale as possible; blush was worn as round spot and had very soft colors.

Eyes-One of the trends at that time is to rub in eyelids a Vaseline, its shimmer were attractive, and only after having your eyes covered with layers of Vaseline, women used dark eye pencil to highlight and mascara.

Eyebrows were clearly visible flying like bird’s wings, very thin and dark with angled ends.

Lips– bright red or dark red lipstick and small mouth in hearth shape to heat the imagination of men.

Hairdo– the most popular were “Bouffant”, “baby head”, “sleeky hair” and also lovelocks. The most important secret of eye makeup is not hidden behind dark eye shadows or Vaseline, but in hairdo and hat. Exactly straight bangs till eyebrow line, short and lank hairs!

Despite time and style changes, femme fatal style can be seem everywhere nowadays, not only on the stage.

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