How to Treat your Skin according Time

Little time of useful tips and advices. Our body follows its own inner clock. Which of treatment is best for your skin at different times of the day?
5 am – 7 am
Even if you are sleeping, early in the morning your skin starts working: it activates glands if internal secretion, which produces hormones responsible for protection from negative environmental factors.
What to do: During the night your skin evaporates a lot of water, thus in spite of skin type the best thing for face and body will be the use of moisturizing lotion or cream with high moisturizing effect.  Also you should drink a glass of water after getting out of the bed; it helps to compensate water balance.8 am- 10 am
This is the time when our blood circulation is on its activity peak. Skin sponges up everything it deals with, therefore it is exposed to different sort of allergies.
What to do: The best helper and protector is daily moisturizing cream with SPF filters,  concerning body care, well don’t use anti cellulite creams right now, leave for the evening. Because this sort of products stimulate blood circulation, which can negatively affect vessels. Because of the same reasons it better postpone saunas till other rime, but the swimming pool is totally good idea.

11 am- 2 pm
Oil-bags work twice harder than in the morning. Your face start to have oily shine and pores become more visible.
What to do: To remove oil from the face you can use blotting papers. Don’t rub it all over the face, simple press it against the skin in T-zone. 3pm-6 pm
Skin becomes intoned, looks fade, small wrinkles are visible. All this happening, because our body is programmed to diminish at this time. Physical activity on wane, concentration is low, and a skin is less receptible to make up.
What to do: To pep up your skin use thermal water, in the drawer you probably should have a hand cream with citrus aroma.  It’s been proven citrus not only boosts your mood, but also pumps you up. By the way, level of sensibility to pain is much lower, so depilation procedure will go much easier.7pm- 10pm
By this time, skin get more sensitive and starts to absorb more oxygen and outputs toxins collected during the day.
What to do: The best time for exfoliating procedures and pilings, fitness, sauna and SPA activities.11pm-4 am
There is the belief that you should go to sleep before 10 pm, because sleep for the next to hours, till midnight considers as “beauty sleep”, so one hour of sleeping before midnight is equal to two hour after.
What to do: When we sleep, skin intensively absorbs biologically active nourishing elements, which can be found in night creams, therefore using those before sleeping is essential.I hope all of these simple tips will help you to stay fresh and young and glowing as long as you wanted.

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