How to store cosmetics

Every woman should have cosmetics; it’s our weapon in fight for beauty and youth.  Some of us keep their precious bottles on their dresser, others in the bathroom and some of us even store their beauty products in the fridge.
But every cosmetic product requires special care and storage places.  What are the main mistakes that we do?

How to store perfumes?

It would seem that is almost impossible to ruin perfume, however if you don’t care enough of the bottle or simple put it to the wrong place…you might end up with bad smell.  There are simple rules to follow:

  1.  Keep it in the right place. Main perfume enemies are: heat, direct sunlight and oxygen.  All these components will affect on the perfume, changing its original composition.  That’s why you have to keep your bottles in dark and cool place and stop carrying them around in your bag during long hot days.
  2. Take care of the bottle. If you perfume bottle has sprayer, you have to clean it from time to time.  Apparently, small skin particles and skin oil set on the top of the atomizer and if you don’t clean it properly those bad boys will settle in the bottle itself ruining your favorite scent.
  3. If you noticed any changes in the smell or coloring of your fragrance, don’t use it. Get rid of it.

How to store skincare products?

We store them in the bathroom; we take them with our fingers.  What else do we do to change our skin protectors into skin enemies?

  1. Don’t keep your creams in the bathroom. If skincare products are stored in warm and wet conditions, eventually it will lead to creation of ideal environment for different sorts of bacteria.  Keep your creams at room temperature at your dresses, but make sure there is no direct sunlight.
  2. Prevent leaking; make sure you close all the caps tightly. If you didn’t do so, dust and oxygen will create a wonderful place for bacteria to live in.
  3. Don’t use your fingers to get the cream out of jar.  Even you washed your hands before; different bacteria might get into your cream with dead skin cells. Use special cream spoons or buy your favorite products in tube editions.
  4. Don’t trust the numbers. Expiration date which you see on the package is about unpacked products. Once you break the seal, expiration date rapidly decreases.  Creams, serums and gels cab be kept for about 6 months, after which it’s better if you stop using the products.

Have you ever experienced problems with your beauty products, because you didn’t store them properly? I am going to put my perfume bottles somewhere else, once I get home tonight.

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