How to fit your travel beauty bag into your baggage

It just might sound odd to you, but it’s a problem that I have to deal with every single time I’m packing my luggage.  You know what’s the funniest thing my beauty travel bag increases along with the size of suit case. Say, I’m traveling for a long distance and for a long period of time or it’s a work trip and I don’t need to take anything larger than hand baggage. But despite the size of suitcase my makeup travel bag takes almost half of the given space.  Could you believe it?

Don’t take me wrong, I know what travel size means.  However my travel beauty bag is always big; it includes hair care products, skin care, body care and of course makeup plus hair straightener and some curlers.

So they say you need shampoo, conditioner, body oil, facial cleanser, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, face moisturizer, foundation (maybe), mascara, kohl pencil, lip balm and palette of universal eye shadows.  Yeah right.

Well, then tell me please where I supposed to stock my tweezers, lash curler, hair brush, feet cream, hair removing device (doesn’t matter which one you use it’s still quite big) list can go on. Or say you are going to spend good amount if time laying on the beach which means: sunscreen and after sun spray and believe travel size it’s not the one you want to have in case your skin is red like tomato.

Well, some might argue proposing to buy things when you need them, but what if use special cream based on monkey poop   and they don’t have it everywhere?   It’s not like I’m going out every single day on vacation, but I use more things than basic wash-and-clean. Or it’s just me who can’t control her needs and travel beauty bag?

Please, people tell me how do you manage your beauty travel bag?

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