How to look younger : 10 easy steps.

I want to share with you 10 steps, that could change your life, will help you to loose weight, get rid off health and skin problems, feel younger, slimmer and much more attractive.
Let’s get back beauty and youth.

If you will practice these simple exercises every day, the result is guaranteed and the eternal question “How to look younger?” won’t be at the table anymore.

1. Forget about white food (potatoes, white bread, and white rise).  Go brown instead (baked potatoes, whole grain bread, and wild rise).

2. Youth fountain- green tea. It truly is the best drink for your body; it improves your immune system, helps to fight with bunch of illnesses.  The ideal amount is 5 cups a day, even better with lemon.

3. Go nuts. 🙂 Eat them, one handful a day will prevent heart diseases and stabilizes cholesterol level.

4. Essentials for sliming are products with Omega-3: nuts, vegetables and of course fish. This element prevents the causes of arthritis, bladder infections, prostatitis and improves brain activity.

5. Avocado- helpful friend, cause it has a lot of good fats. If you will include avocado into your nutrition plan, well, let’s say, you will get tons of minerals, vitamins which will help you to preserve youth, fit and health.

6. Correct your regimen. Always have proper breakfasts, good lunch, and you can skip the dinner.  You will notice changes really soon.

7. Use the rule 80+20. Which means 80% is a healthy food, and the rest 20% you can spend on whatever you like.

8. Imagine “perfect me”. Subconsciously draw yourself as a perfect creation, enjoy the thought you will be that one soon.  It will inspire you to follow all the rules.

9. Use scrub twice a week; while removing dead and old cells, you get glowing and young skin.

10. Love yourself. It is very important to love and accept yourself as you are. Well, when you are happy you look younger.

Question about being forever young, are always been discussed between women. Some of them did achieve serious results, some not.  Get patience, and move towards youth step by step.  Tell me do you already feel younger?!

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