How to get perfect and healthy brows.

Few easy trick how to get healthy eye brows, without breaking the bank. 

Well trimmed and shaped brows truly highlight all the face. Your face expressions, your eyes and even some slight impurities can be hidden if you had emphasized your brows. There is no doubt that eyebrow care is very important for those who care about their style and look.

If your brows started loosing their shape, changed the color or started falling out, it is time to take measures. However, I probably should mention some age related changes, and also if you spend a lot of time outside without wearing sunglasses brows will become dry and dull.

Even simple plucking procedure with tweezers and dying, effects their normal condition.
Do not forget to apply nourishing cream and oil mixtures around and on brows.

You can make your own miracle brow treatment. So, if you want to increase density of your brows, use mix of Vaseline, castor oil and bee wax, for couple times a week for about 15 minutes. If you need to strengthen them, use mixture of castor, olive and camphorated oils.

Peach-kernel oil also has great impact on brow grows, use it for about 10-15 minutes and remove with dry cotton pad.  Same features has almond oil, plus you can apply it onto your lashes.

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