How to find a right shampoo and do we really need professional choice?

So, how do we actually find THE shampoo? I mean when you have a lot of choices it’s hard to pick. Standing in front of the shelf full of shampoo, it becomes almost mission impossible. I always have problems choosing the right one, it takes hundreds of reviews to read, hundred of online prices to compare and at the end, and I’m still confused.

There are plenty types of shampoos; whether for salon or home use, with SLS or without any Parabens.  Besides, shampoos are also classified by scalp skin type (oily, normal, dry), by scalp condition (with dandruff, sensitive etc.) and by hair type (dry, thin, colored).  Also shampoos have different effects: volumizing, smoothing, deep cleansing and so on.  So easy to get confused and left with the wrong one.

We shall start from “professional” and “usual” shampoos. What’s the actual difference?

As far as I know, professional cosmetics are made from complexes which are patented/created in chemical laboratories, and usually have precise treatment aim.

Say, shampoo for colored hair aims to coat hair fiber without removing color, so your hair color will last. Actually it’s all what this kind of shampoo should do, as addition it may have some UV filters and moisturizing oils, but even these components are aimed to keep the color.

Do we need a professional shampoo?

Total madness on professional things reached its highs, I mean we are talking and trying to buy something that they used in the beauty salons.  Defenition “only for professional use” (I’m talking about cosmetic) doesn’t mean that only qualified salon master can use it. It actually means using of such shampoo will help you look like you just left hair salon.

So that’s the crux of the matter: people trying get “Stardom look” buying professional shampoo use it at home as normal one and then they wonder: “How did I get the dandruff?” After visiting trichologist it comes out, that wonder shampoo brought not only “the red carpet look”, but also dried out skin.  And as a result: dandruff, itching scalp and other unpleasant feelings.

Conclusion: don’t buy professional shampoo for everyday use! Moreover don’t get it if you wash your hair more than twice a week.

But it’s not all that bad and sad; there are a lot of mass-market products called professional, I mean if you are dying to get something “professional”.  The best example “Syos” , you can buy it in every drug-store, it has nothing in it that could be called professional. But the package and commercials tell us about stylist secrets and tricks. So it’s mostly about good marketing rather than qualities.

My opinion on this case; before spending a fortune on professional shampoo, make sure you know which results you’re expecting from it.

On second thoughts I decided to get quality mass-market SLS and Paraben free shampoo.  As I always said, in pursuit of beauty remain calm.

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  1. Any cosmetics needs a lot of time to choose. Any reviews won’t help, as every person is individual. So the only method to choose the right one is trying and trying them all:)

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