How many hand creams do we need?

Several times I mentioned how hand care is important, not only because it feels good. Our hands like a business card, they tell about us more than we can imagine. And if you could lift your face or even neck, there is not plastic surgery on hands. And to be honest, I don’t think it ever will be.

Today I want to talk about actual numbers; meaning how many creams you should own so you hands remain nourished and moisturized every single second.

Before going out, outside your warm and cozy house do not forget to apply nourishing cream. It will cover your hands with protective lipid layer.

Your hands should be moisturized inside your house, well, because of heating system, air-conditioners which actually leave our skin dehydrated, prevent this from happening using good moisturizing hand cream.

If you are planning to wash dishes, do some cleaning or to bath your baby(could be the case you doing it all together), use special protecting waterproof hand cream. Sure it will rinse, but at least your hands will be safe from all the chemicals.

These are basics, must-have and must-use creams. Sure as an addition you can find some targeted creams, for example whitening cream to even skin tone and remove pigment spots.

Tell me, how many creams do you own?

All pictures above are not mine and used only for informative purposes.

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2 thoughts on “How many hand creams do we need?

  1. I own only 2 HAND creams:(
    But I have many other creams for other parts of the body, hands are somehow ignored.

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