How and Who invented French Manicure

I want to start a short series of history post about manicure. This particularly one is about “French”.
“French” manicure became popular unbelievably fast all over the world. But what are the origins of it? Here are the two versions I am familiar with.

Version number one: “French” manicure appeared in France. They claim, that French designers created it for the models, which had to change a lot during the runway shows. Thus, they wanted to have something that will go with different outfits. “French” meets all this requirements.

Version number two: In about middle of 1970th, Hollywood producers being overwhelmed by controlling divas looks, makeup and nail designs, they contacted “Orly” company representative Jeff Pink. Actresses who often were shooting in several movies, had to change their appearances quite often, so universal manicure designs were highly demanded. And in 1976 Jeff Pink offered his wonderful and simple creation. He just improved traditional European style manicure, and use France to name his manicure as a good marketing idea.So far, these two stories can be considered as truth and what do you think who was the first to come up with it?  Meanwhile I can offer you manicure tools, ah and there is no debate about their origins 🙂

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