Home remedies or most controversial chemical peeling ever

Well boys and girls I have finally written it. My own tried and tested peeling based on calcium chloride.  It’s a salt of calcium and chlorine. It has been used in medicine, food and some industries as well, but what’s more interesting in cosmetics too. That includes bath salts, eye shadows and some other personal care products. The one I used was meant for medical purposes for injections, but don’t worry no needles were used during beauty treatment.

I guess I have to tell how did I get this idea into my head? Well, you know, when you read a lot of blogs in several languages eventually you will find something that will catch your intention.  And it did I found several online beauty communities, YouTube videos and bloggers talking about this chemical treatment you can do on your own.  At the beginning I have to say I say hesitant, because peeling it’s something I trust to esthetician to do.  But I decided to take a risk.

After purchasing calcium chloride for injections along with baby soap, I set in front of the mirror and followed instructions:

Use one bottle of solution for one procedure; you will need cotton pad baby soap and warm water for the end.

Using cotton pad apply solution onto your face up to 3-5 times with the pauses between applications to let your face dry.

Once you are done with the bottle take the soap, rub it with wet tips of your fingers and start peeling your face.  As a result you suppose to see your skin peeling off in small white balls.

Yep, it looks the same way it sounds…however it didn’t work on me.  After reading other readers’ comments I decided to change technique I used and soap too.  Instead of using fingers for peeling I used cotton pad, instead of peeling at the end I peeled my face in between three applications of calcium chloride and instead of using baby soap I used yellow soap that you use for a laundry.

The result was amazing; no blackheads, fresh looking skin and even some smaller wrinkles became less visible. Though I had to apply soothing and nourishing mask afterwards I fell in love with this chemical peeling.

As it is for today my skin is on better condition and I still have left 100 ml of calcium chloride to finish. And what do you think? Is it too dangerous and I should leave it for professionals? Will you try it?

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