History of make up- The Forties

Women again had their skirt made longer, multilayered; had been wearing blouses with bouffant-sleeves. The main trend was the strips. It was everywhere: on the skirts, shirts, accessories. Cosmetics become trendy. The most makeup addicts had have their first experiments, matching lipsticks and Eyeshadow colors with chosen outfit. By the way, exactly in 40th lipsticks colors became more diverse, and the qualities such as lasting and depth of the color were more or less as present lipstick’s qualities.

Everything chanced with the beginning of the World War II. Instead of layered skirts, puffs and bows came minimalistic style military. Textiles with small patterns, simple pencil skirts, white collars and cuffs were their top. Hats also became thing of the past, giving a place to the head scarves. Stockings became allowable luxury, so women had to paint using pencil or paints patterns on their legs imitation stockings.

For a while cosmetics went out of the mass-market, aspiring to be more beautiful, ladies made do with what they could found. The Italian women were one of the first inventors, using vine as a lipstick and charcoal for eyebrows.

Fortunately end of war brought back all of feminine style back, which were on the top of fashion trends up until the 1950th.

Make up peculiarities in 1940th years.

Face. Had to be even and pale tone. To accent cheek-bones and get healthy glow women used dark-pink blushes.

Eyes. To emphasize eyes, a lot of black liner was used on the upper lid, right above lash line.
Eyelashes were well covered with mascara.

Eyebrows had beautiful bow shaped line, and certainly were drown with brown shadows or pencil.

Lips were red as never before. Due to improved production technology, color lasted and was really bright.

Nails and manicure back then was more or less same as today; soaking in the water, shaping them, hand creme and of one wish nail polish. Although there was some distinctive difference “use of nail powder” I talked about this in my “History of nail polish” post. As many might think that that the only color used were red, but it is one of the main disbelieves, back in the 1940’s ladies used blue and green, and even so popular today moon black and white moon manicure.

Hairdo.  Forties was the era of elegance, so hair cuts and and hairdo were simple and charming as never before. Sleek and spectaculars locks became a definition of femininity and style symbol.

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