Healthy feet. How to keep your feet healthy.

An essential part to your day to day well being and comfort, yet something people can often forget about, is maintaining healthy feet. Whether walking, running exercising or even standing still your feet are a vital part of your everyday life and having healthy well cared for feet can help reduce a myriad of potential problems from arising.

Healthy feet

Healthy feet

With twenty six bones and a complex framework of tendons, muscles and ligaments your feet are constantly at work and can fall victim to numerous problems. Cracked skin, fallen arches, ingrown toenails, corns, foot odor, fungal infections and even damaged bones can cause discomfort and reduced mobility.

One of the best ways to keep your feet comfortable and healthy is with a simple regime of daily care that will help your bones, muscles and skin to function properly.

Wash Your Feet Every Day

It might sound simple but even the cleanliest of people can forget to give their feet the proper care and attention when they shower or bathe. Spending a great deal of time in socks and shoes mean that your feet are exposed to a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and washing them daily is the best way to stop the build up of these harmful elements. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy specialist foot wash, just make sure that you give them a thorough soaping, especially between your toes.


Despite advise to keep your feet dry moisturizing your feet every day can prevent dry, cracked or scaly skin. It is especially important if you live in a hot, dry environment and wear sandals frequently. It’s best to use a lotion containing Cocoa Butter, a natural emollient into your feet every single day.

Wear Socks

Not only do socks protect your feet but they are also an important part of keeping your feet dry as they absorb water. Keeping damp and sweat away from your feet helps to prevent the build up of bacteria. They also work as an extra layer to absorb and protect from the impact of walking, reducing blisters and calluses.

Simple and easy steps to follow, don’t you think?

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