Have you been inspired by other blogger’s post?

Last year I discovered wonderful blog Lipglossiping, which is run by Charlotte.  She is one of the best writers I’ve ever read…seriously, she has this thing to catch you attention. But this entry is not about her, it’s about her posts.
I don’t if you people read her post about Burberry Lipstick, I did.  And I ended up purchasing one; however it took an effort to get it.  Which was totally worth it, because now I am the happy owner of Burberry Lip Cover #19 Claret,  though I have a pictures of myself wearing it, I won’t share it with you. 🙂

The next thing happened to me, new post about makeup on Lipglossiping it called Kjaer Weis Wisdom Eyeshadow (Modesty Brown made me do it). So as a devoted reader, I followed the link…and guess what? Now I’m dreaming about Kjaer Weis Cream Blush. Most likely it will take a while till I’ll be ready to buy it, well, as it said in the post “…the brand produced quality items (albeit at a price)…”

What am I saying so far is that doesn’t matter in which terms you get inspired, it helps you to develop.  Though I love reading blogs about make up, nail polish and other beauty addictions, I don’t see myself being one of the addicted. But I am totally addicted to the quality writing and professional photography, these inspires me most on my everyday job routine.

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