Hair care around the world

Let’s talk hair, I mean hair care.
Recently I received nice compliment about my shiny hair. Person, who did that, asked if I use special hair treatment like masks or argan oil.

Right now I have to make a confession: I do not use any special DIY or high-end masks, it was a spontaneous decision. It was a long way full of mistakes and bad results.  I did go crazy about Moroccan oil, Mystic oil, SLS free hair care line etc.  But at the end I realized the “simple is best”.

However, I can’t deny the fact that hair masks work if use constantly, that is why I have hair mask matching my drugstore shampoo.
I know some of you might disagree and for those of you I found interesting mask recipes from around the world. Some could find them useful and if so, please do share *kindly asks*.

Columbia: Mix two egg yolks, mango flesh and apply it for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly.  For those who is trying to get silky hair.
Brasilia: For soft hair: apply cacao oil for 30 minutes, rinse with cacao water.
Argentina: to moisturize and fight frizzy hair adds few drops of Alove Vera into your fav shampoo.

Guyana:  shiny hair is a result of healthy and balanced eating, so eat sardines which are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids.
Mexico: to dry your hair, instead of using blow dryer use high-quality terry towel.
Jamaica: cactus juice helps to repair damage hair. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse with water as usual.
Canada: contrast shower not only helps to fight morning sleepiness, but makes your hair shine as sun.

Scotland: to protect your hair color simply replace your shampoo with chamomile tea.
France:  apply nourishing mask for whole nigh and rub into your scalp shea butter.
Germany: half liter of beer mixed with warm water will return healthy and shiny looking hair.
Italy: olive oil, you can drink it, you can apply it into your hair roots or ends. Everything helps.

Czech Republic:  trying to get perfect blonde shade;  use onion skins stock, natural dye will help your locks look amazing.
Romania: going blonde again; well add some honey into your conditioner.
Australia: eucalypt oil protects repairs and does a lot of nice things to your hair.

So far it’s all I have for hair masks, maybe you can add some of your national secrets?

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