Find your regimen or skin type tests

After series of how-to post I decided to talk about so popular tests (I don’t actually know how to call them) which allow you to find your skin type and appropriate skin treatments.

Most of well-known brands today offer skin tests; if you are not at the beauty counter you can find online versions of consultants.

Speed mapping, find your regimen or your skin consultant; each company have specially created tests or programs which help you to find perfect product (from company range) for your skin.

It’s been a while since I started using my first face cream, but as you all know we don’t grow younger as well as our skin. Apparently it changes 🙂 did you notice that wrinkles around your nose? So since I realize that my skin needs boost or targeted treatment, I tried and tested several skin type finders, both related and non-related to specific brand.

Some of them I quite easy to use, you just fill in your skin concerns and voila: the list is ready, however some confuses offering me to stop using night care.

In my opinion it’s easier when you have dry, normal or oily skin, but when you have combination skin, those online skin type consultants don’t really help.

As for today, I tried two of those company related tests; one of them totally worked and helped, the other one…let’s say I’m not quite satisfied with the product, my skin still lacks moisture.

Yet, still I find it very helpful, because you know some companies have big selection and using test- helpers really saves your time.

And what about you, do you trust that tests? Or do you trust someone else’s opinion? Or maybe you pre-order samples?

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