Face and hair care myths. MythBustering.

We all have been advised at least once to do so or not to something with our skin, hair, nails etc. Some of these tips are true, while the others are nonsense. Here is general list of most common lies, although I didn’t go too much into details, you probably will find some interesting information to think of.
They say chocolate and nuts eating causes facial acne. Let’s put it like this, joyful and tasty food can not cause or increase acne. There are some other possible reasons like for example: hormonal changes, stress or simple genetics. Some say, people with oily skin should wash their faces often. Yes, it is true that oily skin tends to be more clogged, but it doesn’t matter that you have to clean it 10 times a day wiping it with alcohol. All of that will make skin dryers and much more sensitive; do not clean it with hot water, if so not more than twice a week.
I honestly, do not get this advice about not using moisturizing cream during the winter. One of the tips is to switch to more oiler nourish cream instead. But, why?!  Let’s make a test; apply some oil onto a raisin will it make grape? I don’t think so.  But, what if we put that raisin into the water, no it won’t become initial juicy berry, but it will get back its form.  During the winter we have air conditioning, heaters all around us.  So, keep in mind, during the winter you have to use moisturizer. Is it true that pharmacy cosmetics have better qualities? All cosmetic that you see on pharmacy shelves is no different from other shop. It’s another successful marketing mix.  You can find related information on the web, if you search for famous brands producers.
Is it ok to wash your hair everyday? It depends on individual qualities of each person.  Some have greasy hair next day after washing, some don’t need to wash them entire week. I think you should wash your hair as and when necessary.  Just don’t forget to use gentle shampoos meant for your hair type.
Is it true that perming, dyeing and other chemical changes of your hair causes its bad condition? Yes, it is true. Toxic chemicals destroy hair structure making it dull brittle. But, as you know there are some several different reasons causing hair problems: neuroses, lack of vitamins and some medication as well.
I mentioned just few of controversial opinion that I have to deal with myself, if you know some other myth or believes, please share. Let’s bust them together.

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