Everyday face and skin care routine

I want to share it, because I think skin care is the basics, to have a beautiful glowing skin.
Of course depending on skin type, personal preferences, medical restriction facial treatments vary, especially when beauty industry has so many things to offer.

But, despite your skin type, every girl should have essentials like: something to wash your face with (lotion cleanser, tonic); any type of scrub or peeling, whether it acne stop, or simple apricot scrub; night moisturizer and daily wear cream.

Although I don’t use dramatically different moisturizing gel from this set, I have strange allergic tendencies on Clinique creams, but so far it is the best set for cleansing my face.  I use set for third type of skin, which is combination to oily.

From time to time, 2-3 times a week I use apricot peeling from Alverede and blackhead scrub from Garnier. If you don’t have time to get your facial done in salon regularly these kinds of products are best solution.

As a night treatment I use Advance Night Repair complex from Estee Lauder, it is a best treatment if you preventing first signs of aging and you want to boost your skin during the night. And as for moisturizer I use repairing night cream from Yes to carrots, organic product, not heavy, not too oily perfect treatment for the night.

And last but not the least, my day cream. Recently I discovered this great cream DayWear from Estee Lauder with SPF15 it has great smell of cucumbers and texture. As it says on the cover and in every ads, skin will be perfectly hydrated and powerfully protected, I have to say it is true 🙂

Although Mont Bleu does not produce any creams and cleansers, we do produce cosmetic accessories, which will be an additional help to create and support your beauty.

P.S. What is your face care routine?

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