Cosmetics that changed your life

It happens rare, but it does. And when you realize that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the best foundation/ night cream/mascara there is no happier person on Earth. Well, I’m not talking about those of you who can’t imagine their life without constant beauty shopping.

Here is my recent beauty finding, which totally changed my life; I’m saying it because I will never use anything but this wonderful BB cream.

Yes, I gave my precious Estee Lauder foundation to my mom the rest of not so expensive foundations went to my sister’s.  Again this happened only because I’m not makeup addicted and I won’t be suffering from not testing new liquid or mousse formula foundations.

The one I got does its job perfectly; it evens my skin tone, it moisturizes (I still use usual moisturizer before).  Easy to apply, non-greasy and perfect light coverage…what else do I need?

Tell me I’m not the one who was lucky enough to find the best?

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