Biggest nail pet peeves

All of us have different sorts of pet peeves. Today I want to tell you about mine, well not all of them, just concerning nails.
Despite the fact, that my nail care routine is quite simple I have some issues when something looks wrong, not even on my nails.

So let’s start from the least.  I hate, I honestly hate when males have long nails, and I do not care if he is a famous guitarist (those can use plectrum).  I may sound a little old-fashioned, but man should keep himself neat and fresh (that includes short and clean nails). The next thing, I just can’t stand is- dirty nails. I mean if you are not working in your garden all day and you didn’t have time to wash your hands properly before opening the door…well you don’t have any excuses to keep your nails dirty.
Chipped of nail polish; sure some may not have enough time to apply new colors every single day….oh, please you have 2 minutes to remove nasty things from your nails. Besides, if you don’t have time then just go with nude nails, always trendy and easy to maintain. Hm, I though I have more of that…but apparently not, however most of my pet peeves are reasonable and not offensive at all; and what  are your nails pet peeves?

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3 thoughts on “Biggest nail pet peeves

  1. I personally hate those artificial nails, but it’s unreasonable to count them as “bad”, but half-grown(not renewed)artificial nails…they are horrible, and this is my pet peeve.

  2. I am okay with a little bit of chipped nails, but I hate when every single nail is chipped all the way down to the cuticle, and their is only a sliver of color left on there nail, but they won’t wash it off.

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