Beauty knows no pain or how dangerous nails could be.

Don’t worry I won’t tell any blood chilling stories, I want to share something we all know about, but most of the time don’t pay enough attention.

Women know that beauty requires sacrifice; think of it: eyebrow plucking, leg depilation and early waking up, to have more time for hairdo and perfect make up. I could continue this list of sacrifices.  And as all we know nail care is not the last thing we pay attention to.  We spent enormous amount of time, nerves and money to have perfect and healthy hands and nails.

But only few thought that our nails not only present our beauty, but also a lot of unpleasant “surprises”.
I’m talking about bacteria, hiding under our nails and waiting to get into our bodies to complete their evil mission.

Lab researches showed that whether you have long or short nails, whether your nails artificial or natural- they carry enough bacteria.  And you what is worse? None is 100% protected.
Incredibly large amount of terrible bacteria live on the tip of the nails, which makes it so easy to infiltrate our organism.

If you suffer from onychophagy (nail biting habit) you are in the group of high risk. Scientist proved that aside of probability getting staph infection and collywobbles, you also might end up with bad teeth.  Apparently our teeth are sensitive to different germs.

Is it so hopeless?  Well, there is a solution.  To protect yourself and your organism from unwanted guests…wash your hands.  But you have to do it right.

While rubbing soap count till twenty, and again count till twenty while you rinse the soap off.  As they say, it is exact amount of time to rinse off all germs.  Plus don’t forget to brush under the nails (despite the length of your nails) at least once a day. And try to avoid touching your lips without necessity.

I was thinking maybe it’s not that convenient to carry around a brush, but what I have in my purse is a hand sanitizer which I use several times a day. Hope it will help me from getting germs, and what about you, what do you use?

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